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Vehicular Prep Part 2: Movement & Dismount!
Thursday “LIVE” 9:00pm/Et    6:00pm/pt

 Hosted by: Dane “Gunmetal Armory”

This week, on The Gunmetal Armory… we dive into the second Part of Vehicular Prep: Movement & Dismount. Vehicular Prep is not just about the Gear we carry within and the emergencies we are prepared for, it is also about the way we move when we’re mounted, where we travel, how we dismount and move when we dismount. We are likely to encounter all sorts of situations when on foot, and we have discussed a lot of them, but we haven’t not talked about how we can use a Vehicular transport to our advantage and what things we need to pay attention to when “on the road”… Read More!

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