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Joe and Rachel Ordia founded P.E.G. (Preparedness Experts Group) in 2012 with a mission to help families prepare to survive through increasingly precarious times. Since then, P.E.G. has conducted numerous educational seminars and workshops helping to equip families with a comprehensive household preparedness plan.

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From PBN Host and Author James Walton 

The Christmas Hook

On Christmas break 1996 three friends discover a strange treasure in a place called the Process. Wild speculation about their discovery quickly turns to terror as they come to find that this strange hook comes to visit them in their dreams. As the fantastically decorated homes of Viscose Village ring in the holiday Jamie, Mikey and Jessica are searching for answers.

What they find will teach them more about themselves than about this strange pointed and twisted piece of metal.

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Virginia Gun Control: Real Talk on SB16 and SB64 

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The 6 Principles for Disaster Preparedness

Use these six principles to build a base of preparedness that will keep your family safe in the face of the next disaster


Water is the most essential resource in a disaster LEARN MORE


Food is important for sustenance and morale LEARN MORE


Backup power is critical for modern emergency preparedness LEARN MORE

First Aid

Are your prepared to treat a family member in need? LEARN MORE


After every major disaster the looters show up LEARN MORE


Despite all your preparation, sometimes you just gotta go! LEARN MORE

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