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“Fruit Trees” Apples, Peaches, and Pears... 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct. 4:00pm/Pt. Listen and Chat


Realistic Homesteading Expectations, Aspirations 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct. 6:00pm/Pt. Listen and Chat

Are Your Homesteading Expectations and Aspirations Realistic?
Host: Renee “The Homestead Honey Hour

RealisticAsk anyone who has kept a homesteading blog or Youtube channel over the last five years – myself included — and they will tell you there’s a resurgence happening of folks wanting to get “back to the land”, much as there was in the 1970’s. Becoming more self-reliant and sustainable is an aspiration shared by many. Their reasons are many: Concerns over the economy, food security and availability, wanting to raise children in a healthier environment, seeking to be closer to nature, wanting to eat meat raised humanely and grow organic produce, a desire for a slower-paced life, wanting to live off grid without restrictions, zoning, or other legalities, concerns over GMO’s, chemicals, antibiotics, and/or hormones in the food supply, seeking privacy and seclusion, and a Read More→

Sleep, Ebola, Goal attainment, & Earthquakes!
Host: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy “The Survival Medicine Hour

SleepIn this episode of The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Hour, Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, discuss several issues that are pertinent to various aspects of survival.

Sleep Deprivation: In a survival situation, the many activities of daily survival will eat into your sleep time, and that will affect your decision-making efficiency and general health. We’ll discuss the medical aspects of the problem and how to stay at 100%. Both conventional and alternative remedies are discussed in detail. Read More→

“Fruit Trees” Apples, Peaches, and Pears
Host: Mike Podlesny “Mike the Gardener

4-24 stark_bros_nurseryThis Thursday’s episode Mike talks with fruit tree expert Elmer Kidd of Stark Bros. Nursery about how you can get started growing your own fruit trees right at home. Elmer brings to the podcast over 40 years of experience in the field of fruit trees, their care, proper maintenance and cultivation. Listen in as Elmer gives you an encyclopedia’s worth of valuable information that is sure to get you excited and motivated about growing your own apples, peaches, and pears right at home.

In this episode, we’ll cover: Read More→

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Herbal First Aid Kit, Making your Own (part 2)
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path

Herbal First Aid KitSam Coffman continues this week with details on how to make your own first aid kit. Join him this week as he continues to talk about various herbal formulas and the specific herbs to use in those formulas for a post-disaster environment. This kind of herbal first aid kit could be a kit for home, neighborhood, the car or the backpack. Again, what should an herbal first aid kit contain? What are the top 5, 10, 15 herbs or herbal formulas that you would want to put into your own kit? Do you have specific family illnesses or health concerns that would determine what some of those herbal medicines should be? Read More→

Raising Your Own Chickens (part 2)
Host: Bobby Preparing to Provide!

Raising Your OwnDuring the last show of “Preparing to Provide“, we had a great discussion with Paul Wheaton and several callers. A lot was discussed, with quite a bit of focus on long term objectives. Things like rotating paddocks and free ranging would seem to be the end goal for a truly self-sufficient method of raising chickens. However, not everyone has the necessary space for these methods. And for a beginner, sometimes you have to crawl before you walk. A lot of questions remain. Things like… Where to buy chicks? Is it better to start with pullets? How many chickens can you have per coop? What feed is best at what stage? How to deal with extreme heat and cold? With that in mind, we’re going to go back and fill in a lot of the blanks. Read More→

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Stinging Nettle- The Neglected Superfood
Host: Cat Ellis “The Herbal Prepper Live”

Stinging Nettle Urtica dioicaIf there were one plant that survivalists, preppers, homesteaders, and bushcrafters were to want to have easy access to, it would have to be Stinging Nettle, (Urtica dioica). In this episode of Herbal Prepper Live, you will learn all about this incredible plant, how to prepare it both as an herbal remedy and as a meal, and which parts of the plants are harvested for what use, and even how to make your own herbal multivitamin.

Stinging nettle is a completely overlooked superfood that can mean the difference between life and death during a food shortage or famine. It is loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and a wide spectrum of beneficial chemicals. Read More→

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A Giant Appears and Don’t Lose Focus!

Giant downloadWith the excitement of two stories I have before me I’ve decided to put them together starting off with “A Giant Appears” followed by “Don’t Lose Focus“. I have no doubts both will peak your interest.

“A Giant Appears” In confinement there are certain creatures whose growth are determined by the space allowed in its habitat. Giants will reach a certain size and for survival purposes the growth of the beast will cease or it finds a way out. Fortunately for those that know and have grown to love this giant I write about, it is refusing to be contained and has found an escape. Read More→

Proactive Prepping and “Behind the Woodshed”
Host: Gary and Brenna “The Road Less Traveled

OProactive bkg_headern this excursion we welcome special guest Hal Anthony from “Behind The Woodshed” to discuss myriad topics on how to be a Proactive Prepper!

Hal opens a can of whoop ass each and every broadcast! Behind The Woodshed for that practical education and that hard but necessary dose of reality. Read More→

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Normalcy & Abnormalcy bias, finding Balance! 
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian

NormalcyAs preppers, we are all familiar with the term “normalcy bias”.  A state of mind in which people ignore the obvious in preference of perfect world syndrome, where even though bad things happen, they will either not happen to you, or will be of little to no consequence if something does.  Those that suffer from normalcy bias often scoff not only at the thought of whichever conspiracy theory has become popular that week, but also are either oblivious to, or ignorant of every day threats that are on the six o’clock news almost every day.  Never mind the idea of the economy not being as good or stable as we once thought it was. Read More→

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Desalination, Unlimited Water!

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Desalination, Unlimited Water!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty”

Desalination Port_Stanvac_Desalination_Plant_P1000725Last week we briefly discussed the article about Texas exploring abanding oil fields and drilling holes for fresh or brackish water. In that article there was talk of a proposed desalination plant. This is the reality of water levels in Texas.

When I opened the New York Times today I was absolutely astonished to see plans for a new desalination plant in China.
“BEIJING — A coastal desalination plant planned for east of Beijing could provide a large portion of the drinking water for the parched Chinese capital by 2019, the state news media quoted officials as saying on Tuesday. The reports indicated that the government and state enterprises were investing heavily in desalination projects to alleviate a dire water shortage in northern China.” Read More→