August 17, 2022


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Winter and Prepping, Staying the Course

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Winter Prepping, Staying the Course
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian”

WinterWith the snow on the ground and the mercury closer to the bottom of the tube, many of us will semi retire to the warmth of the indoors for the next few months. Gone for now are the days of foraging, gardening, and preparing harvests. A lot of preppers may feel tempted to take some admittedly well deserved time off from prepping, but there is so much that can be done in the colder months of winter, now that you have a little spare time.

WinterThis will not be a show about alternative heat, or how to survive a snow storm, or what to put in your car kit. Let’s face it, all of that should have been addressed already, and it’s time to look forward to spring. Yes, that’s right, I said spring, and no I’m not nuts! Now is the time to start getting a jump start on your prepping for the seasons to come. There are many ways we can do that and it’s all about planning and expanding our skills. Taking a course in ham radio, or firearms safety is one very good way to spend some cold winter days. Also, you can spend a bit more time at the keyboard gathering, printing, and organizing your home prepper library.

WinterToo soon to think about the garden or harvest storage? Think again. What better time to review your garden journal from last season and decide how to adjust your planting for crop adjustment, or replacement if you plan a new storage method such as a root cellar. Perhaps you need to take inventory of tools or supplies. Did something break down that needs repairing or replacing? Are your first aid supplies topped up? Do you need to clean your firearms after the hunting season?
These are just a few suggestions for prepping during the winter months, and no, it isn’t about the wood stove!

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