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WATER IS LIFE: Catchment, Purification & Storage

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WATER IS LIFE: Catchment, Purification & Storage
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WATER IS LIFE: Catchment, Purification & StorageOn this episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program, Author Bobby Akart discusses the importance of water in your preparedness plans. The Prepper Rule of Three’s postulates that one can only live three minutes without air, three hours without proper shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food. Water is life!

12-1-16-water-bob-for-preppersYou can only survive three days without water. Then your body will begin to dehydrate. Initially you will feel weak and dizzy. As the strain of dehydration sets upon you, you will experience heart palpitations, confusion and fainting spells. Once the fever sets in, diarrhea will follow and death soon thereafter. Here are signs of dehydration:

During your dehydration, you will be tempted to drink water that contains bacteria resulting in dysentery. This will only expedite your physical degradation. Water is arguably your most important prep.

Here are some facts to consider:
12-1-16-water-is-lifeThe city/urban water supply can become contaminated, unusable, or unavailable for a variety of reasons. Country/Rural water wells can become inaccessible if there is no electricity to drive the water pumps.
•Water cannot be rationed below the needs of minimum human requirements as humans must have a certain amount of water per day.
•Out of the sun, the minimum one should consume is two quarts a day — just for drinking.
•Humans need a gallon of water per day for sanitary purposes and cooking.
•There should be enough water for the entire family to survive a minimum of fourteen days, including your pets and animals. Seven days will get you through most disaster time frames without water. Fourteen days will statistically see your family through 96% of known disaster emergency situations.

12-1-16-p4t-aftershowWhat about a long term grid down scenario? We discuss in details methods of water catchment, purification, and storage. These methods range from the complex and costly — to the DIY and bushcraft. This will be an opportunity to learn about water basics for all levels of preppers.
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