August 9, 2022


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Obtaining suitable water!

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Obtaining suitable water!
Josh “The 7 P’s of Survival

suitable waterIn this week’s installment of the 7 P’s of Survival show we will be talking all things water. Of course we will have the normal blog updates, let you know what is coming soon and the weekly survival challenge but 90% of the show we hope to dedicate to the evaluation of water sources and purification methods.

This week we will be talking all about water, more specifically ways to obtain water and ways to make it suitable water for human consumption. We will start the night off talking about where to look for water whether that is by reading the landscape, from plants, from natural springs, or some other medium. We will discuss water vines, natural springs, condensation, dew collection, rain water collection, and many additional sources to locate you water source.

suitable waterI will then move the discussion to a great deal of commercial and improvised water filtration and purification systems that I have used over the last several years to include: Big Berkey; Sawyer (See my review HERE; Live Straw; SteriPen; various pump filters; Chlorine; Chlorine tablets; Purification tablets; Moss; Tripod filter- See my instructions HERE; Charcoal/bandanna filter; Bandanna filter; Water bottle filter; See my instructions HERE; Distillation; and Boiling in a plastic container along with the science for it and against it.

suitable waterWe will then talk about practicality of these systems their short comings, where they shine and what I personally prefer. Finally we explore what a few recent water related crisis to include Katrina, WV chemical spill, Great Lakes Algee Issues and the various oil spills. While exploring these disasters we will talk about water storage, availability and which filtration methods would have worked the best for those disasters.
I hope to hear from each of you about the experiences you have had with your water filtration systems and your lessons learned from field use!
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