April 15, 2021


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Clean Water, Liquid Gold!

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Clean water could be Liquid Gold!
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Clean water homespunThis week I am pleased to welcome Russ Michaud from Homespun Environmental as a guest to talk to us about some of the icky things that can be found in the water you and your family uses and what we can do about them. Whether you’re at home or out on that family outing here’s a cost effective solution to keep the thirst away without the worries of making yourself sick… or worse.

Over the past couple of weeks I have spoken about pinching pennies and bulk buying and storage. Well this week let’s toss in a little water talk. Water is the one thing we can’t go without for very long, 3 days is all it takes without water before we are done for. Just as important, if not more important than food storage and stocking up is the need for clean water.

Clean water goldRight here, right now.. Clean water flows freely from the tap for most of us. We waste it while brushing our teeth or let it run down the sink to cool off for a nice cool glass of Clean water. But what if a single cup were to become like liquid gold? What if the water around you made you sick because it was polluted? Even your stored water runs out sooner or later… You’re left wondering “What now?”

Clean water warningJoin me with Russ of Homespun Environmental as we explore some of the problems with surface water and even ground water and determine the best means to filter make that water potable. Water is heavy and storage can be difficult. Russ will share with us some ideas for keeping your family well stocked with this liquid gold for much less than buying bottled water.

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