August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Applications and uses of solar power!

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Solar panelBack on track. Last week because of illness our live show was cancelled but PerbainPrepper is ready to roll on this topic of solar power and more. Read following description of this live broadcast!

Join Deb with more “Common Sense Prepping” as she and her guest Sargent Dale, talk about applications and uses of solar power.  Dale and Deb will also be discussing the need for water and why any long term survival depends on a source. The word Prepper, is a modern name for common sense people who always plan for the unexpected. With another drought in the forecast for next summer, it is wise to evaluate the different options for water retrieval and simple purification. Deb does not use fear as a motivator but uses the desire to be independent and self- reliant to encourage people to prep, Come join Deb as she discusses ways to stay calm within any situation. Deb and Dale will discuss this week, ways which we can help each other help ourselves, and keep close to our heart those things that are really important like God, Family, and Country.

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