September 25, 2022


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You’ve got to be kidding me!

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Original post by Kimmer17 on APN.

I know a lot of us don’t advertise that we are preppers. For one, each of us have our own personal reasons and we’re simply not in the mood to discuss them publicly. Another main reason is that for those that choose to sit on their butts and not prep..well we don’t want them to come knocking on our doors with a fork and knife in hand looking for a free meal.
SO…I work at a financial institution. Naturally the economy is a largely discussed topic. When I asked in general..”what do you think of the current situation our country is in financially?” this is what I was told…

1..It doesn’t effect me..whether or not the govt goes belly up I’ll still have my job. (and who’s gonna be able to finance a car?)
2..We will never go broke..we’ll simply print off more money ( that was from the Assist. Branch Man. who majored in finance)
3..Kim..seriously..we’re not like other wont happen to us, we’re to rich. ( don’t say?)
4..Really..the American ppl would never let that happen..we control the govt (my thought..have you seen the prices lately..geeish)
5..One of my personal favs..don’t you realize all the stores we have..we’ll always be able to shop for whatever we want.
Needless to say I chose not to argue..after all I would like to keep my

Tell me..what are some of your favorites that you’ve been told by none preppers

Here is one reply by MrDanB

I have been trying to spread the word far and wide about prepping. It takes a “one on one” approach and multiple well constructed conversations to get people to see the handwriting on the wall. Almost everyone can see the high prices, the daily news and look at their meager balance in their checkbook. What they CAN’T see is WHY those things are happening. Most people will defend the gov. tooth and nail and say that they would never do anything to harm their own citizens. The more “asleep” they are, the harder the realization hits them when they finally wake up. It goes from a deer in the headlights look, to oh #$*&!! I need to do
Some of the more ignorant comments I’ve heard are:
-With a Walmart in every town, who could go hungry?
-If I lose my job, I will just go on unemployment until I can get on someplace else and work under the table
-When the economy turns around, everything will get back to normal…
-The stock market is looking better now
-Didn’t Congress stay late in their meetings to help raise the debt ceiling so we can keep
paying the bills to those who lost their jobs and the disabled etc etc etc…

Critical thinking is completely out the window. I’m not sure it’s possible to recover at this point , economically, without a total and complete start from scratch! And those new folks in power would have to have our best interest at heart…

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