July 4, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Whats in store for you Preppers this week!

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Tonight, as always you can expect a great show from Dr. Waterman. “The 2nd Annual International Peace and Freedom Music Festival”. Two hours of great freedom, rally music with a party in the chat room. Please join us, you will be glad you did.

Last night we had a great show from The Armchair Survivalist. The man did his home work and provided a lot of good information. Why we prepare. As with all our shows if you miss the live broadcast you can always go to archives in the player or at the bottom of our Listen and Chat page.

Wednesday Steven Ranting with (((Ranters Radio))) has a special guest, Brandon Smith. Brandon is the founder and chief strategist behind the Alternative Market Project. His goal is to create a barter networking hub and educational gathering place for every American across the country who wishes to decouple from our current collapsing financial system and build something better. Getting people out of their homes and meeting face to face to organize meaningful relationships, and eventually, entire free market communities designed to shield cities and states from economic and political danger; this is the mission of the Alternative Market Project.

Thursday Erin with Twisted Radio will be interviewing a husband and wife team that work in deliverance ministry – the casting out of demons and we will see if there is noticed an increase in demonic activity. The second hour she will have Pastor Eli James on to discuss the economy and gangster-banksters that are destroying the world with their lying, stealing and use of usury.

Friday on Back Woods-Funny Bone News, Sports, and Music I will have back with me Jason Burgett. Jason will be sharing with us natural cordage making, fishing and trapping, bait for traps, and bow making.  How knowing trees can help with all of the above.

Sunday Lynna with The Other Side…A Preppers Path.  Energy, frequency and living!  Yes everything is energy, can we direct it, benefit from it prepare with it?  Answers to these questions and more when Amy Newbe joins us for an informative visit all about energy and how to raise your personal vibration.

All shows Monday through Friday start at 8:00pm/Central. Sundays show starts at 1:00pm/Central.

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