December 5, 2022


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We Cannot Understand the Fall; A King Dethroned

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Those long icy fingers of Old Man Winter have driven down all around me, like a jail cell. It has been a long night here at the Casa Liberty. Lady Liberty and Jacob are suffering from some low-level cold that is making sleep pretty elusive. The heat pump is sputtering and I am not quite sure if it was us putting too much demand on the system or if its another $500 – $1000.

Its 3 am and I have been up for about an hour. I have been up manipulating the heater, the fire and a variety of covers over a variety of beasts and loved ones. Sleep has happened on all levels of the home and not a single bed has been cold for much of the night. Much like a game of musical chairs. I woke to a home about 58 degrees. It brought some radical thoughts to mind. That and the lack of sleep.

Through all this, I imagined what it might be like if the heat and power conked out and never came back on. With seek people in the home, in the cold, what would a collapse look like, right now!

Can we, a people of 2019, ever truly understand the fall that could be coming? It’s only in the cold and difficult that we get a mere taste of collapse. In fact, its less than a sip. A world without heat, a world without respite, a world without Lowes and Walmart to fix up our messes, it’s hard to imagine. In fact, I attest we cannot imagine or comprehend it.


In the early 1900’s this Czar was suffering through a collapse in his nation. Mostly brought on by the loss of some 1.7 million Russians in World War I.

One day we will understand the profound effect that shear male death, from the Civil War to Vietnam, had on our world. Toxic masculinity seems to be the only metric for men of the past, that garners media attention.

Nicolas II was a Czar, a king, basically. His country was collapsing and goods cost exponentially more money then they had just a few years prior. Staples of life were skyrocketing along with a brutal winter in 1917, things just kept getting worse. This would erupt into riots in the streets and police firing on the public from the rooftops.

We are Czars

If Nicholas the II, Louis XVI or Charles I of Britan spent a day and night in Timberland boots and a modest home, filled with food, they would appear as peasants. They wouldn’t understand how the heat came from the vents or the food was kept cold. They couldn’t understand the sheer volume of dry goods within the pantry of the average home.

The entertainment alone would likely break them!

You see, we are all kings. For some reason, we refuse to believe it. We dont wake with a bellows and a fire to start. Hunger has all but disappeared. In fact, we preppers have put such a hedge against it that even with crop failure we have confidence. Maybe overconfidence?

The point here, we cannot understand the collapse, the fall. The people who hung themselves during the great depression, a 23 percent increase in suicide, were so much more durable and much more familiar with hardship.

We would be dethroned kings in the face of SHTF. Spoiled royalty.

Prepare for the collapse we should, but to understand it, with each passing moment we get further away.

This is not a warning or a passing of judgment. It’s merely an observation.

Nicholas the II was shot to death in his basement. He was shuttled there by people who had betrayed him. They told him that anti bolsheviks were coming. His wife and kids were bayonetted before being shot in the head at close range.

That’s the fate of kings…



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