11/2/2011 on Prepper Broadcasting! (((Ranters Radio)))

We are joined by Southern Californian Republican and News Hound Nick Stevens. Originally from Massachusetts- (Another Liberal State) our guest has definitely been put through the wringer by Liberals and Progressives. Being a dedicated life long Republican, Nick became interested in politics as a teenager. Despite being surrounded by Liberals his entire career, Nick has never strayed form his Conservative roots, and beliefs in the American Free Enterprise system. Nick Stevens’ work is so highly regarded that he was chosen to assist Richard Nixon in his 1972 campaign. His amazing lifelong achievements would be enough to satisfy most reporters, but not so for Nick Stevens. Frustrated by our current political upheaval, he decided it was time to take his politics to another level and created two blogs (politicsarereal.com and conservativehappenings.blogspot.com).

Tonight: 11/2/2011 8:00pm/Central Go to Listen and Chat tab above.

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