October 23, 2021


Self reliance and independence

To Those That Visit Our Site

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All involved in building this network would like to offer a very special thanks to those that visit this site and listen to our broadcasts. This is our family and as with any family we welcome our friends with open arms. Here on P.B.N. we want you to feel free to speak your mind, this helps us in helping others. On P.B.N. we look forward to your questions, comments, or suggestions. If you have ideas for show topics, want to be a guest, or maybe you feel you have the information to broadcast a show of your own on our network, please contact us. It is with your help that we want to be the best most reliable source of Prepper information on the internet. If in following us you like what we represent on our broadcast  and share with you on this web site let us know by liking us on face book and twitter.

It is truly amazing the number of new friends we have found and the support all of you have given us thus far. All of us here at P.B.N. have come together from various networks to create this site in order to bring you the best, most accurate information available. Information we hope will entertain,  help you in being a little better aware,  and maybe a little better prepared.


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