September 25, 2022


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The Price is not right! for this Prepper

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This post by ShinigamiGurl on APN titled “almost 2 dollars for a pepper?”

Quote: Ok here is an example of the differences today at walmart green bell peppers were $1.98 each.

For the protection of the prepper who said this, their name will be kept anonymous.


If the SHTF, the only way you’ll be able to buy fresh produce if your crops fail is the farmer’s market. Not only that, but when there isn’t shit hitting the fan, farmer’s markets are CHEAP. DIRT CHEAP. Not only that, but you can talk to the people who grew your food. You can ask QUESTIONS about both their methods for growing crops and what crops are prospering this year. You can get peppers and tomatoes and other plants who’s seeds can be preserved and successfully grown. Why? They’re heirlooms! Modern produce is genetically altered so that most of its seeds CANT reproduce if you plant the seeds in the ground. You can get some results, but they will always be poor. Heirlooms are bred for breeding, they’ve been honed by generations of horticulturalists and farmers to absolute /perfection/ and they haven’t been tampered with. YOU CAN GET GARDENING TIPS FROM SOMEONE WHO DOES IT FOR A LIVING. Try asking the attendant at the produce aisle of your grocery store what a tomato horn worm is, or how to get rid of one, you’re going to get a look like you just grew an extra head and a stammering dropped jaw.

Then there’s the bare bones stores. Prices there are /so/ low for groceries that they don’t accept coupons. What are you sacrificing? Well you’re sacrificing service, you’re sacrificing shelves, you’re sacrificing variety. But you can feed one person on 20 dollars a WEEK at the bare bones stores. In MA food stamps are 200 dollars a month for unattached singles without children. 20 dollars a week times four weeks is 80 dollars. 80 out of two hundred means you can afford canned goods for your stockpile. Guess what? you will find green peppers there for 99 cents a pound, EASY.

If you’re paying 1.98 each for fresh green peppers, you are NOT doing your due dilligence as a consumer or a prepper, you’re being fleeced!!!

Shit could hit the fan tomorrow or it could hit the fan years from now. But as long as there’s no shit hitting the fan, you OWE it to your family to feed them fresh, quality food. You can do this BETTER by doing your research and choosing the right store. the more frills your grocery store has, the more you pay. WHY? Because the grocery stores know you can pay for comfort and conveinance. What would you rather pay, 1.98 for a green pepper at the Wal freakin take over the world and steal from the poor mart, 50 cents each from the farmer, or 99 cents a pound at the bare bones store.

I’m sorry, i have to rant. Paying 1.98 for /a/ green pepper ought to be a CRIME. And the guy who paid enough for FOUR peppers at the farmers market or TWO POUNDS of them at the bare bones store, ought to be arrested for aiding and abbetting a thief. Yeah, i’m calling Walmart a thief, whatcha gonna do about it?

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