September 25, 2021


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Broadcasting Network. We have to hit the reset button and create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and still train all the way up. What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have is life? So dear or peace, so sweet as to be purchased at the price of Jane’s and slavery for bid it all mighty God, I know not what course others may take.

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Give me

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Johnny, Johnny Depp, ladies and gentlemen. I was on the ride with the I’m having fun with this audio guys. Welcome into the I M Liberty show that was Johnny Depp, a the brilliant philosopher and a wife beater, who look, I’m a fan of his work. Well, nothing recently, but back in a day, definitely. But when I was driving to the gym tonight, my wife lady Liberty was reminding me about the peaceful transfer of power that happened in Hollywood when Trump took over and it was kinda funny to look back, gave me a great laugh to look back and kind of remember some of the The, the well-wishes and remarks that came out of Hollywood.

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You know, the same Hollywood that would call him all the names under the sun, right? And, and the same Hollywood now is saying it’s we are at a time for a unity, the same Hollywood. That really is a driving and motivating force. What is up Tony and the North driving and motivating for, sorry, live chat in a way, you know, getting Biden, elected, right? You watch these people, you go, you know, that’s terrible. Same message to enrich. I should do what they say. Mickey Rourke, Mickey Rourke back in 2015 said that Donald Trump was a big mouth bitch bully.

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And he would love 30 seconds in a room with the little bitch and give Trump a, a, a Louisville Slugger. That’s J he was just joking. Okay. These are the joking. This is joking. Larry Wilmore, who I’ve never heard of, never heard of him. I have no idea who he is. I look at him. I know I have no idea who he is. He looks, what does he look like? I don’t know what he looks like. He looks like the type of guy you would see in a movie who like is who perpetrated a crime against like the villain in the movie, right? The guy who like tries to steal the money from the main villain in the movie.

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That’s Larry is to look, but in late February, 2016, the host of comedy Central’s NOW canceled nightly show. Strange. You can’t believe that you said about the candidate, Donald Trump. I don’t want to give him any more oxygen. He says that’s not a euphemism by the way. I mean, it literally, I mean, it, literally somebody get me the pillow they use to kill Supreme court, justice, Antonin Scalia, and I’ll do it. I’ll do it. You remember these days Right everybody was prepared to kill. They didn’t just not like him. They were prepared to kill the man.

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A Rosario. Donald said, push Trump off a cliff again. And this is a very interesting one, considering where we’re at with domestic terrorism and a tax on, on federal buildings and things of that nature. Right. You remember old Madonna Right and the women’s March, January, 2017. She was very clear. She said I’ve thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. Huh? Okay. We’ll see if that makes, we’ll see if that makes the domestic terrorist bill. Okay. The, the, the, the Bronx bowl. Okay. The raging bull, Robert DeNiro said it wasn’t like I was going to go find him and really punch him in the face, but he’s got to hear it.

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Cause he said he wanted to, well, he said he would punch him in the face. So then he walked that back. You’re a member, Snoop dog. He’s shot a guy who looked a lot like the president, maybe one of the great losers of all Hollywood, Kathy Griffin did her beautiful little picture with the decapitated head of the president. No big deal. Right. That’s good. That’s good for America. I love that. Nothing like an ugly woman with a decapitated head. Oh yeah. You know, you forgot about the New York city public theaters, Julius Caesar. Right they did their little rendition.

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There are a little cute little rendition over there with the public theater of Julius Caesar and Caesar just, you know, so happened to look exactly like Trump and was stabbed to death by a bunch of angry senators. So, you know, the good news is they were, they lost sponsorships for that Delta airlines bank of America pooled on them. Who else? Johnny Depp came out. like, like Johnnie. And then he went home and beat up his girlfriend. That’s the funny part about that. I got to tip my hat to Anthony Bordain because first of all, I idolized a guy when I was younger. I know he drank himself to death and was basically depressed with all the money in the world. It is what it is.

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People have problems. But this is funny. This is funny from, for funny sake. So I just have to give credit where credit’s due because he wasn’t, I don’t know if you get the humor you get to the humor. I don’t feel like explaining, but he was asked cause he’s a chef or was a Chevy. He was asked what he’d serve at a peace summit between president Trump and North Korean dictator, Kim Jong on. And he replied hemlock, which I thought was kind of, you know, right on the money and a Rapper’s and rockers. And they all came out and said, Oh, you know who was another great one? Peter Fonda, do you remember what Peter Fonda said? Peter Fonda was so worked up over Barack Obama’s cages.

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Remember Barack Obama was responsible for building the cages that they put the kids in the Mexican kids and the, and the Latin American kids who migrated up here. He was so upset about these cages that Obama built, that he said that he wanted to see someone rip Baron Trump away from his parents. That’s just, that’s the easy half. I want to see Barron ripped away from his parents and locked in a cage with pedophiles. I’ll just to let you, you know, just, just, just enjoy that one for a minute.

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Just let that just buzz around in your head, wrap your head around the fact that someone said that out of their mouth, right. About anyone. Have you ever even thought about saying anything like that? About anyone it’s a child. I mean, have you, this, this ever crossed your mind?

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Here’s why I bring it up. This is why I bring it up. ’cause there’s a portion of the country. Okay. That here’s people in Hollywood and influential people say things like that and they go, well, they’re actors, there are morons. Right. They play pretend for a living. Most of them. So yeah, they have a crude, a lot of money by playing pretend good, good on them. Right. But we would never take their advice in life. Right for the most part. And then there’s another part of the country. And I don’t know what the hell they’re thinking, but these people come out and say things like, I want to rip someone’s kid away and put them in a cage with pedophiles and they go, Oh yeah, yeah.

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I can kind of get that. I don’t like Trump either.

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Or they

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Say something as heinous as that. And then they say, but you know what, though? That Joe Biden that Joe Biden. Yeah. The way that Joe, Biden’s a guy you want to vote for. Okay. Well, you know, they told me about it. There are people in Hollywood said to go vote for him. So I guess I’ll vote for them. That sounds good. The people were the most Twitter followers told me to vote Joe Biden. So I guess I will, they also told me to hate Trump’s or I hate him, you know, popular kids, the cool kids, when the cool kids talk, it is a lot about your high school experience too. If you’re one of those people that when the cool kids talk, you did what they said. You tried to dress like him tried to act like them. Right. They walked or they didn’t want to hang out with you, but you tried to look like in many ways, cause maybe you can get a shot.

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It was always hard to watch the girls that would dress like the pretty popular girls, but couldn’t get in the clinic. That was always the toughest thing to watch. Right? Of course we didn’t sit at any of those tables. We didn’t play that game in high school. We were the, well, you know what we were, we were the outcasts, the girls we hung out with had like six different color hair and metal studs through their face. And they were way cooler, I mean, way cooler. So I just wanted to bring that all about, as we talk about unity here in this nation, all right.

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Now that superhero was in the office and he is going to save us from all the wolves in

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The world,

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The abuse and the executive order. I got so much stuff. I have no idea where this show is going to go. Okay. I said that there’s going to be some Answers. I have about three solid answers for the prepping minded out there. Okay. But I’ve also got so much other stuff. We’ll see. We’ll just see where it goes. Okay. That’s all. We’re going to have a classic. I am Liberty show tonight. You know, I may wind up talking about action figures for the rest of the show. It all

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Depends. It all

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Depends. I’ve had a great day. What can I tell you right off the top? Let’s talk about this. Cause this is a big news. You may not have heard it in the daily audio cash disaster. is changing long story short. When you go to visit it probably in the next 24 to 48 hours is going to look a little different. What’s going to really look different though, is the cost in the cart for your coffee? Okay. So the, the, the cost of your coffee is going to go down almost by $2 a bag. Okay. Cause we’ve we we’re on Shopify now and we’ve got better shipping prices.

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So enjoy it’s all I can tell you. Enjoy the, the navbar disaster. is where you shop. NOW also. So there’s a medium roast Paige and, and a dark roast collection. We are in the process of developing a new coffee right now.

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Based on the direction of the nation. So last year, based on a direction to the nation, we created a pandemic six B and espresso blend, which was tremendously popular. Okay. We are going to create another one for the times. We may create a new coffee every year for the, for the times. Okay. For the time’s and the conditions, as long as it’s disaster or, you know, collapse related. And this one will be, we’ve got a great name. We’ve got a great coffee lined up in a couple of weeks. We’ll talk to you about it. Okay. Outcast radio.

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Is that with a K? So what do we got going on here? Or we got some people in chat. Prepper dad in chat.

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I like the looks of it. Okay, good. So let’s chat here, disaster coffee out of the way. Oh, the abuse of the executive order has to stop it’s it reminds me of when you take the wheel of a ship and you whiz it all the way to one side, you know, like The and we do that for four years, all the other side or the next four years. I mean, you really wind up just staying on course, which is kind of funny. Right? So the, the, the purpose of tonight’s show really is to kind of address the kind of address and, you know, help people deal with the fact That a lots of things are changing and they’re being decreed upon us.

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You know, a sewer blend,

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They are being decreed upon us by a King at the moment. I mean, that’s, what’s happening, you know, People, it, it’s a King who, or not even a a hundred percent sure about how he came to power, these things that he’s putting in play, or have not been approved by Congress. You know, I don’t need to go down that, you know, you know, what’s going on. It’s the, it’s the nonsense of the executive order tidal wave that happens at the beginning of every presidency. And quite frankly, even it’s my guy, I wanted to stop. Even if it’s somebody that I, I want in there. I think the executive order, a tidal wave, it’s the best way to put it just has to come to an end. You know, I don’t like the idea that a seated president can show up and say, you know, we’re just going to change a bunch of stuff.

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I’m going to sign some, a little, a little black books here and that’s it. And we’re changing stuff. Congress, forget about the rest of the, forget about the other branches, you know, forget about checks and balances just doesn’t matter. I’m just going to decree these things. And I think it’s something that’s to go away. I really do. You know, E even if, and here’s the thing, even if we find ourselves in a situation where, which I’ve, I’ve talked about, Joe, Biden’s second amendment plans on this show too much already. So I’m not going to, but if we find ourselves in a situation where the, the second amendment is destroyed, I don’t even know if I’d want an executive order to come in to do, to bring that back to life on the next go round.

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But that’s because to be quite honest with you, I feel like we’re at the point now where we have to file a class action lawsuits against senators who attack the bill of rights. That’s just the end of it. If you attack the bill of rights, or if you don’t defend the bill of rights, they’re have to be repercussions. You’re literally, I mean, it’s written into the founding documents. This is the job of the federal government, right? This is the job of the federal government. We don’t want you to do most of the jobs that you do, the jobs that we want you to do. You’re not doing numb, namely, namely, and being unwilling to tackle the big tech monopoly that is crushing the first amendment in the nation.

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And it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about the argument of whether or not it’s privatized business or what it is privatized. You know, what it is, is a technology that has changed the entire world. Okay? That’s what it is. It’s not Walmart that you walk into and the way you can’t say this, you can’t say that, Oh, it’s a privatized business. They throw you out because of this. No, it’s bigger than that. Okay. The big tech monopoly is so much bigger and so much more different than privatized business, namely, because namely ’cause, it all started by tricking people.

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I mean, that’s what it was, right. It all started by tricking people into the idea that they were going to give you something for free. Like you’re going to get something free and all you gotta do is sign this little page here and that’s fine. And we won’t tell you anything about the value of your data. We’re going to sell it and make billions, maybe trillions off of it in the long run. But what I will tell you is that we’re a privatized business, okay? We’re going to connect the entire world. We’re going to influence elections all over the planet in foreign countries. Are you going to use our power and our influence to literally stifle certain groups of people, silence, certain groups of people go, but they’re privatized business was bro.

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You can’t have it both ways. Okay? It’s something totally different. And what am I blabbering on about the federal government has yet to protect us from that? And they’ve done such a poor job of protecting free speech that the president got banned. That’s a failure all around me. I see failure of the most basic things that people are supposed to do in positions of power in government. So, so the first amendment, boom, right?

1 (19m 3s):
Throw it out the window. It’s been monopolized by big tech. You can say what you want if you want, but there will be repercussions. That’s the reality. You can say what that’s what the first amendment is in America. Now you can say what you want if you want, but downstream, there’s going to be issues. Okay. Speaking about, Oh, let me read that from Volcana speaking about silencing people, gardening groups and homesteading groups, or leaving Facebook to form their own external groups on their own websites. Good, beautiful. Get back to the forum days, get back to the forum.

1 (19m 44s):
Days. Forums are way safer. I’ll tell you what Volcana. I’ll tell you what, if you know anybody who’s saying we’re getting off, our little website is going to start our own forum. You tell them about element anybody out there. You tell them about what we do at element and will give their website a little home right here. I got no problem with it. None. If you know people who were saying were getting off this and we are going to go find a new platform, or we just want a small plate. We, you know, we’re not, this is not a platform. But if, if they say we need a small place where we want our own people to be able to talk, just let them know.

1 (20m 29s):
That’s all. Tell them, look, PBN does this thing. Oh, as long as it’s relevant to prepping, you know what I mean? Which everything gardening, homesteading is basically prepping. I’d have no problem putting a little room together for them on their website. I’ll even keep it private. If they don’t want us, our kind in there, I don’t care. It could be a private room just for them. That’s easy enough to set up. But anyway, that’s just a heads up to any of you out there. We’re going to do our part in this battle because this is a battle. There’s no doubt about it. And it’s an, it’s a battle that we’ve hardly even begun to fight.

1 (21m 10s):
So let’s talk about the, the bill of rights. Then when you do that, do you want to do that? Something I have on the list? I want to talk about the bill of rights. Because as I mentioned all over the nation, it seems to me like, I don’t know the ability to protect the bill of rights is completely a failure on the side of the government. It’s their job. It’s the job, right? I mean, it’s what we want the federal government around for.

0 (21m 50s):
They are doing everything, but second amendment,

1 (21m 57s):
Most of my life, the second amendment has been under attack. Most of my life, 34 years, Right, I’ve watched it almost as long as I can remember paying attention to it and knowing really what it is to carry enough to care about it. That’s a problem. I’ve never seen anyone go to jail. I’ve never seen anyone get in trouble for consistently attacking the second amendment, Unreasonable search and seizure. Fourth amendment. Let’s talk about unreasonable search and seizure in the world that we live in, in the nation.

1 (22m 37s):
Okay. I’m going to bring you over to a, an article government camera’s hidden on private property. Welcome to open fields. So seated at his kitchen table, finishing off the remains of a Saturday breakfast Hunter Hollingsworth world was rocked by footsteps on his front porch and pounding at the door, punctuated by an aggressive order, open up or will kick the door down. This is how people die in the world that we live in today, who the hell is going to respond the right way to open up or will kick the door down.

1 (23m 25s):
You have got to announce yourself as something, and then you even have to hope that the person on the other side of the door is going to believe that it’s The whoever FBI, CIA. I mean nowadays, think about surrounded on all sides of his house and driveway blocked Hollingsworth was a target, approximately 10 federal and state wildlife officials, packing pistols, shotguns, and rifles. And what was Hollingsworth? Crime, drugs, armed robbery, assault, money laundering, not quite months prior in 2018, the Tennessee landowner removed the game.

1 (24m 7s):
Camera secretly strapped to a tree on his private land by wildlife officials in order to monitor his activity without a parent sanction or probable cause his residence was searched by the us government and state officials dressed to the nines in assault gear, seeking to regain possession of a trail camera. The precise camera they had served, but Tisha slowly placed on his private acreage. You have to sneaking onto his property at night, loading the camera with active and SIM cards and zip tying the device, roughly 10 feet up a tree all without a warrant.

1 (24m 50s):
That’s real. That’s real now. What’s, what’s more.

0 (24m 57s):
This is what’s more

1 (25m 3s):
Can the government plays cameras and monitoring equipment on a private citizens land at will or conduct surveillance and stakeouts on private land without probable cause or a search warrant. Indeed, according to the us Supreme court’s interpretation of the fourth amendment, welcome to open fields.

0 (25m 24s):
That’s outstanding.

1 (25m 28s):
Self it’s not private fourth amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures expressed. And the bill of rights only do apply to an individual’s immediate dwelling. According to the Inn cording to the Supreme court. How do you feel about that now? Granted, they didn’t, they didn’t, they just broke into my man’s house. So yeah, they weren’t too much worried about the dwelling either.

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1 (26m 2s):
You want me to keep going sixth amendment speedy trial. How about speedy trial, right to a speedy trial. What about trial by Twitter? What about being accused and losing your job and losing your reputation before you even commit before you were even brought to any kind of trial? That’s the democratic mob rule that has taken over the sixth amendment, right? Volcana asks what was the end result on the foray unreasonable search and seizure.

1 (26m 42s):
Good question. Let’s refer the article. So just think about that for a minute. Right trial quick and a speedy trial. Right let’s go down here at the bottom. I’m forced to assume I’m being watched on my land right now. And it’s an awful feeling. Just like the worst feeling in the world. Rain water describes without accountability. The ability to govern, to mow official, to monitor a private citizen at will is rife for abuse.

1 (27m 24s):
Yeah, I’d say so. Hollingsworth. That goes rainwater. Sentiments. Oh, so this happened to another guy also under open fields, any type of search on private land is legal. So this is this open fields is a big, big problem. Despite Anderson’s ruling Hollingsworth is adamant. Secret surveillance is gut-level wrong during the duration. Okay? So they ruled against them. Obviously the Supreme court ruled against him during the duration of the camera’s presence.

1 (28m 4s):
He drove by countless times and discovered the device by pure chance. No matter how much time goes by Hollingsworth, can’t shake the persistent question about more cameras. How many others were on my land? How many are there now? Why not? Movie cameras, listening devices. They apparently allowed to do all this by the us constitution anytime they feel like. So where does it end? There are allowed to film wives, daughters, girlfriends in areas where privacy is assumed. It’s a very interesting thing. So I guess where it all ends is a Well, the purpose of article one section seven to the Tennessee constitution is to protect the right of the people to be secure in their private property.

1 (28m 50s):
You are not secure in your property of state of officer’s can enter your land and wander around a record video footage of you and your private activities without a warrant. And you did not shoot the trespassers or are you gonna, yeah, you wouldn’t be around it or talk about it. This is what I mean, folks. This is what I mean. NOW Dane D from a gun metal from the gunmetal armor, you brought up a very interesting point today On the line of the declaration of independence that talks about the consent of the governed.

1 (29m 33s):
We were talking about that, cause we are going to talk about something new called marching orders tonight. And marching orders is I got to many plans and sayings and things like that in my head. And I apologize. And I, if anyone is actually keeping up, I really am impressed because I’m, I’m, you know, I told you when things get stressful, if the creativity starts to flow out to me, I don’t know what it is. It’s always been that way. Probably how I dealt with things when I was younger. So just, you know, your body gets used to that, but we were talking about this, right? This idea of the consent of the governed and Dane brought up a very interesting point.

1 (30m 19s):
What happens when the people no longer give consent to be governed?

3 (30m 29s):
Hmm. Think about it.

1 (30m 33s):
So under the consent of the governed, right? That’s, that’s how the government is supposed to be set up. So what happens when the, when we, when we revoke our consent?

3 (30m 46s):

1 (30m 49s):
What happens when the People revoke their consent to be governed? I don’t have the answer to that. He brought it up today and I really enjoyed the concept. I really enjoyed the concept a lot. It’s something I’m going to think about a lot. I wonder, I really wonder if there’s any, I don’t know the constitution well enough to know if there’s something in there about that, about the moment that come. And it seems like something that founders would set up. Right. But you know, you, you know what the founder’s answer is, the founder’s answer is a scary one.

1 (31m 29s):
And if the government, if the government revoked their consent to be governed by the current governing body, that’s probably what they are when they, that would probably be grounds for a musket balls, right. That would be grounds for a musket balls. But it’s something to consider when corruption, REITs a ho re reaches a high enough level when the government is failing at protecting the very basic rights in the bill of rights.

3 (32m 0s):

1 (32m 1s):
It only makes sense when States are talking about cessation

3 (32m 7s):

1 (32m 8s):
And gentlemen of the, I am Liberty show. That is, that is the consent of the govern being revoked. That is the People revoking their consent to be governed.

3 (32m 20s):

1 (32m 24s):
Are you feeling lucky? Talks about, ah, in the chat room or a lawyer on retainer? Another crazy idea of mine. See, I told you this is going to turn it into a, a, a vomit Fest. So just hold on. If you can stay, if you can stay a night, if you can keep pace with me tonight, I really appreciate you. And I’m impressed by you. So another idea or something that we’re going to explore here at PBN, thanks to chin. It’s the idea of building a nice big group here at the PBN as we have, and maybe starting some sort of a legal fund may be starting some sort of legal insurance style fund, where we keep a heavy hitting lawyer on retainer.

1 (33m 15s):
And if one of the PB and family gets targeted by this crazy new, you know, domestic terrorists bill or whatever, craziness comes down the pike that we have some power, we have some teeth, we can unleash some protections.

0 (33m 36s):
You can’t say that’s good, right,

1 (33m 46s):
Ryan or the next generation says those were the double ma double masks will always consent. Yeah. I could see that. They will always give the consent of the governed. There’s no getting around that. Right. So we’ve talked about it right. To a speedy trial, right? Who cares about a trial anymore? Who cares about, well, that’s what I was joking with. My wife about Jenn, Jenn and Chad says, just wear 10 masks. I said, that’s the whole plan. The whole plan is they keep putting masks on until they can, as fixate you write. It’s like, I can’t really breathe with this eighth mask on. Don’t worry. Put the ninth one on you will be safe. It’s a slow as fixation.

1 (34m 27s):
It’s hard to kill everyone. So where are the people given to us? You have a right to a speedy trial. What, what does it matter about your speedy trial? If you can lose your job off of a tweet, if you can lose your livelihood off of a tweet, if you can be convicted at the hands of Twitter.

0 (34m 48s):

1 (34m 51s):
So how about, how about eight cruel and unusual punishment? Huh? Let’s jump to the eighth amendment, cruel and unusual punishment, outlandish bail and that type of thing. I present to you exhibit K Kyle written house. Okay. You remember what happened with Kyle Rittenhouse? Right Kyle written house. That’s Kyle Rittenhouse is an incredible story for me. It’s not that I, I am in love with the kid because I’m not rich. The kid himself.

1 (35m 32s):
I don’t know anything about what I love about the Kyle Rittenhouse story is how the entire beginning of the movie is fast forward through. You will arrive in a conversation about self-defense in America. That’s how the conversation about Kyle Rittenhouse starts will. Well, let’s talk about it here. Let’s talk about if he should have shot those guys or not. That’s the conversation, right? This is astounding to me. And I hear this from both sides. You shouldn’t have shot them. He showed a shot. Well, long story short, he shot people who were trying to hurt him.

1 (36m 12s):
And he went to jail and he had a $2 million bail for self-defense think about that for a minute. And you can say, while you shouldn’t have been there and the first place for the rifle,

3 (36m 25s):
Ah, now you’re thinking

1 (36m 31s):
Now you’re, you’re starting to get back to the beginning of the movie. Right Who’s the villain in the Kyle Rittenhouse movie. The writers know the, the gun manufacturers know who is the villain? Where does the Kyle Rittenhouse story begin? The Kyle Rittenhouse story begins with the governor because the governor puts his fucking hand up and says, I’m going to protect my state. And I’m going to keep order. Cause I’m the governor. And that’s what I’m here to do. So the beginning of the Kyle Rittenhouse movie is a complete and total failure by the governor to stop the riots and the burning of the city.

1 (37m 21s):
Because if he does his job here, we are again, if he does his job and, and let’s the police do what we need to be done called the national garden. If that’s what needs to be done, then there’s no Kyle Rittenhouse, you never know his name because the streets are clear and peaceful the way they’re supposed to be his uncle or his brother or his cousin’s gas station is not at risk. So there’s no reason for Kyle Rittenhouse to walk out into the streets with an AR 15 slung over a year.

3 (38m 2s):

1 (38m 2s):
We’d get wrapped up in this conversation about co Rutan halls. Should you shot him? I don’t know. Maybe he should have shot. So at the fence, Kyle Rittenhouse was betrayed by his governor. The governor should have never let what happened in that state happened. It should have never interrupted into that level of chaos. Long story short, he was subject to a cruel and unusual punishment for a, his bail was $2 million, which is step means just unbelievable.

1 (38m 45s):
And that’s where we look at it. Eighth amendment, who’s protecting your eighth amendment. Nobody comes out and says $2 million for this kid for what? And the list goes on and on Right and the list goes on and on the ninth amendment Right you’re a writer. Can’t rub up against my rights. Oh, well, that’s funny. I don’t like what you say. So let’s take your first amendment away. It’s already happening. It’s already happening de platforming, right? I don’t like your, your first amendment rights. So lets take it away. That’s the ninth amendment. You can’t, you can’t rub your amendments against my amendments.

1 (39m 28s):
It doesn’t work second amendment. None. No, no. I don’t like those people with guns, right? Especially if they’re white. I don’t like those white people with guns, especially lets get them the hell out of here. Let’s put them in a terrorist bill. We need to make sure that listen, I can make a joke about it all. But at the end of the day, at the end of the day, it’s very clear what’s happening. Right. It’s just what it is. I was, I was even thinking about something even more extreme that I don’t even know if I want to get in to, to be honest with you.

1 (40m 11s):
Cause it’s very extreme. It’s very extreme

0 (40m 16s):

1 (40m 17s):
Because it’s from one side. That’s why it’s extreme. Okay. So while use the other side example, how about that? Yeah. I’ll use the other side example,

0 (40m 35s):
Right? NOW okay.

1 (40m 38s):
Right. NOW okay if you were you okay. This is a tough one to articulate, but it’s important.

0 (40m 54s):
It’s become a legal

1 (40m 57s):
To associate with certain people in the nation. Right?

0 (41m 7s):

1 (41m 7s):
Absolutely insane. Just that, just to think about that for a minute. If you know an old guy who says crazy things uses racial slurs, Right it let’s say, you know, an old racist guy

0 (41m 26s):

1 (41m 26s):
Can associate with him. Think about that for a minute. Now on the face of it, you say, well, why would you, why would you write if he’s an old racist guy? It’s no good. You know what I mean? There’s probably other problem. I don’t know on the face of it, you might say so what Right people like that or dinosaurs it’s got to be, you know, it’s got to go. We got to get rid of that mindset. Anyway, even though it’s on every side of the coin, right? There are racists on every, in every ethnicity. I mean, it just is what it is.

0 (42m 3s):
But anyhow,

1 (42m 6s):
Think about that for a minute. Just the association idea. Just think about the fact that there are in our free nation. You can actually be demonized and ruined and probably arrested for your association with certain people. And once they pass bills about domestic terrorism and whatnot, then you can really be implicated for your association with a human being, a certain human being who lives in a certain way. Right?

0 (42m 40s):

1 (42m 43s):
How much trouble would you get in if you went in an, a C and associated with the drug dealing murderer. Right? Think about that for a minute. Let’s say he’s on the mend. Let’s say you did some jail time. He’s out. Right? And you met him somewhere or some way somehow maybe you rehabilitation helping. I don’t know. Just the idea that that association with people, with certain people is not allowed in the nation blows me away. Maybe this doesn’t hit you the way it hits me. But it’s just amazing to me that we’ve come to this point, right?

1 (43m 26s):
That we have come to this point in our nation where the association with certain people is basically illegal. I dunno. I dunno why that hits me so hard, but it does. It does just hit me very hard. This idea of association. Now you can go spend money to go see Johnny depths, you know, movies. And he’ll seel say that he wants to shoot the president or beat around the Bush about his desire to want to assassinate a president. No big deal. Right? Don’t don’t just associate. And then he goes home and beats Amber herd up, which is even better. Right? So don’t just to associate with these People but you should put them on a pedestal and you should take your political advice from them.

0 (44m 17s):
I don’t know, try with the world.

1 (44m 20s):
So this brings us to marching orders, PBN family. Nope. This brings us to a break and then we will get back to the marching orders. Okay. Because it’s 44 minutes in this show. I haven’t run a commercial yet. So let’s pay homage to our incredible sponsors. Starting with Mark knows and his amazing product Fire edge. I want to tell you about the most affordable and effective preparedness purchase that you can make in 2021. Fire edge is a fully customizable vehicular preparedness system.

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It can hold magazines, firearms I effects, tourniquets, pepper, spray flashlights, anything you need at arms length. It fits snug in the door pocket of any vehicle. Oh, and how about all of that for $20, visit fire today and use the promo code 2021. And you will get yours for $20 and 21. Since the ultimate in vehicular preparedness, visit fire can use the promo code 2021. Are you prepared to be the family doctor in a disaster or emergency?

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This is the Intrepid commander and I’m a holding the Prepper’s medical handbook by William w 4g M D. And this great book. You’ll learn how to prepare for medical care off the grid. You’ll learn about assessment and stabilization you’ll even deal with things like bioterrorism response, radiation, and how to build the off-grid medical kit at home. Look 2020 taught. It’s a lot about the limitations of our medical infrastructure in America. Get the Prepper’s medical handbook Again, that’s the Prepper medical handbook by William w 40

0 (46m 24s):
For help. People are being cheated, Rob murder, rape that goes on for hours a day everyday in the year.

1 (46m 35s):
What a great quote, Hey guess it’s been going on for a long time, but anyway, let’s talk about marching orders. Okay. I don’t want to, you know, I don’t want to spend too much time on this thing, but I want you to understand a couple of things. I have a belief that if we can maintain a singular message or an in a message will change over time. But if we get, maintain a message, a verbatim message in a segment called marching orders that spans several Shows and several segments on a variety of content creators Shows that it, it, we could bring about solidarity and it could bring about a one P one sort of for a while, I’ve been telling you about a megaphone Right.

1 (47m 34s):
We need to come together and have a megaphone, you know, and I, and I imagined sort of a solid being under one umbrella. That’s never going to happen. You know, it would take too much effort and too much a collaborative ration, I think, excuse me. So my answer to that is marching orders and marching orders is a segment that you’re going to hear on my show and, and everyone else has shown PBN. Hopefully the guys on MOF, a matter of facts, podcasts are gonna do marching orders. I think I’m pretty sure Steven men King over it on the objective is going to do marching orders. And from there we’re going to start pulling in other podcasts.

1 (48m 15s):
So what is the marching orders? It’s a very simple message or a sentence that will be spoken verbatim on a segment called marching orders on all these shows. And while that may not sound all that exciting or all that effective, I think once we let this thing spread far beyond our own reach, it will be powerful. Imagine a collection of clips from 20, 60, a hundred podcasts and Shows on YouTube and that type of thing where people are all recorded saying for Beetham the same exact thing.

1 (49m 3s):
Okay. And the same thing is a demand. These are not marching orders for the people listening to the podcast. Okay. The concept of marching orders has evolved from the last time I talked to you about it, the marching orders they’re for the government they’re for the federal government. So the marching orders presented on these shows are directly or directed rather at the federal government. So lets get in to tonight’s marching orders. Okay? The people demand that the federal government protect and adhere to the bill of rights, marching orders is that simple.

1 (49m 51s):
That’s all I need. If you have a content creator that you like that you’re in to tell them about marching orders, okay. It’s that simple. It’s that simple. You could call it propaganda you could or whatever. I don’t care what you call it. It’s this, that’s what it is. The people demand that the federal government protect and adhere to the bill of rights from one man’s lips, it’s pointless and useless. Okay. Just to imagine it from 20 people, 30, 40, 50, 60 content creators with communities of their own.

1 (50m 31s):
Imagine the reach of something like that. Right. And, and with marching orders also comes the ability to ask things of the People as well.

0 (50m 47s):
So, okay.

1 (50m 49s):
My question to you is why would you email your Congressman or your governor or your mayor and ask them what the people should do when they see their bill of rights being dissolved before their very eyes, rather than stand against something that’s happening, right? That’s always your position. When you email the government, you emailed the local government. I really don’t like this bill that you’re proposing. I think you should consider something else. And if it’s a Republican, they go, you know what? I don’t like it either, but I’m probably going to get out voted. So, you know, do it that what you will reelect me, if they’re a Democrat, then they’ll say, you know, we understand your concerns about guns and gun rights.

1 (51m 32s):
But to be quite honest with you, they’re far too dangerous for the average person to handle because you’re merely a sheep and you don’t know how to handle a firearm, right. That’s kind of how that goes. So I think, I think addressing your representatives with questions is a better way to engage them. And it’s a very simple question. If you want to take part in this section of marching orders, simply e-mail your representative, Congressman mayor or governor or whatever you want to do and ask them what the people should do when they see their bill of rights being dissolved before their very eyes. And you can use the examples that I told you, what do we do, boss?

1 (52m 17s):
I just want to hear the response. I would love to hear the responses of representatives when they were presented with the fact that they’re failing at protecting your first amendment. Right your second amendment, right? You have a fourth amendment. Right your sixth amendment, eighth or ninth amendment rights, probably you’re fit to write. I love to hear the response. What should the People do? That’s marching orders. One more time. The people demand that the federal government protect and adhere to the bill of rights hosts. If you’re listening, an email went out today with that very message or call the segment, marching orders, say the line and move on with your show.

1 (53m 1s):
And that’s all I ask. And that’s all I’ll ask of any content creator that I approach. Give me about five to 10 seconds of what you do and lay it on the line. Then let me clip it. Let me put those clips together and keep building and building and building and building and building until the reach of the marching orders that are going out to the federal government from content creators is massive.

0 (53m 30s):
Who knows,

1 (53m 32s):
Who knows? That’s the first answer. That’s the first answer I’ve given you on the Answers show. It only took me 53 minutes to get there, think about it. But that’s part of the action. We all must take. You know, we’re moving into a time where there are actions that we all must take For the members on Monday motivation. I released a video titled the us versus them or us together. And it’s a, it’s another interesting concept that you really have to shake around in your head.

1 (54m 12s):
What do you wanna fall for it? You know, do you want to fall for the us versus them mentality? Which are a lot of people are a lot of people have lost faith in their fellow Americans. You know, I, I have not. I have not. I, I really air on the side of people are busy as hell. And they’re not nearly as involved in this thing as I am, or as you are, that’s not an excuse. It’s just, you haven’t hit them in the right places yet. You know, what did Donald Trump do that physically harmed the American people?

1 (55m 1s):
You know what I mean? What did he do with his policies that physically caused The the American people to, to be hurt in some way. Right? So what and why and why I’m saying that is because that’s what it takes to move to the American people. In most cases, you know, despite the Democrats belief that he created, COVID-19 when the America, when America got the most up in arms, literally was in March in March. When the grocery stores went dead, we didn’t know what was going to happen with the virus.

1 (55m 45s):
People got scared, people took action. They went crazy. They bought toilet paper. I don’t know why we don’t know why. And after that things got real, the background checks for firearms, skyrocketed people took action, right? So that means something to me. That means something to me, whether you’re left or right.

0 (56m 15s):

1 (56m 15s):
Amounts of people looked at the situation before them and said, I need to do more fortify and F and protect my family, all politics aside. Right. I need to do more to protect my family and for, to find my home and my wellbeing. Hmm. That’s common ground. That’s what that is. In other words, they didn’t say, well, I don’t know. I don’t need to add an analogy, but you understand what I’m saying? So the th it takes a certain amount to move the American mind in the right direction. And that’s because essentially we are narcotized right.

1 (57m 2s):
I mean, the average American is narcotized. They are woken up with a marketing Right, they’re woken up with marketing the scroll through the phone, or read the news, or they get hit with ads. They get hit with pleasure. They get hit with, with games and toys and this and that. And most Americans go to a job that they hate. They struggled through it. They use up all their willpower to deal with idiots in the office and they come home dead exhausted. They haven’t done anything physically, but they’re exhausted because of what it takes to exist in a world where you have to be not UW for eight hours, right?

1 (57m 45s):
You got to exist in a world where your job is to not be you or your jobs to be the thing that your boss or your coworkers want you to be. That’s particularly true of people like us, right? You can’t roll in there and be like, Jason, did you see what Biden did? You know, you can’t even do that. That’s not a thing. Then you get out of that hell hole situation and you come home and you do as much family as you can take. And then you disappear into a movie or TV show or podcast or, or, or some other means of hiding from your reality. And somewhere in there in all of that mess, you know, add to it, your marriage is falling apart.

1 (58m 29s):
Your kids hate you. Your parents are dying you’re or whatever else, things are happening to the average human being, right? Your car payment’s late. You didn’t make enough or whatever. And I’m supposed to sit here and believe that the mass, the mass of Americans are rubbing their hands together, plotting the fall of the nation. Right? And, and, and there are 100% bought in on this radical left-wing agenda. I just don’t buy it. I don’t buy it. Now. I think, I think what happens over the next few years is going to sway people radically.

1 (59m 14s):
It’s going to make people decide which way they’re going to really go. And that is because jobs have been lost. Hmm. That is because jobs have been lost. And people, again are being pressed with real problems. Gas prices are going to go up. These are the things that move the American people. Hmm. This is a way it’s the pebble in the shoe, as the Romans said, Oh, so, You know, where do I want to go with this? Biden is going to attack fracking and attack drilling. I mean, he’s done it. It’s a done deal, right? He is going to do everything in his power to save the world because America, I’m sorry, Melinda Lee.

1 (59m 60s):
I know this is, this is one of those shows. There’s a lot to get off the chest. But listen to me, listen to the core message. The red guard has not been created in the nation. Okay. It’s what I’m trying to tell you. There are a lot more people who are just not even involved in the condition of the nation. And it was kind of like that throughout history. Really? If you look at it, But all that said, you can wake them up. They can be woken up. They’re woken up. When The, when the wallet gets hit, they’re woken up on the belly, starts to rumble and nothing new in that.

1 (1h 0m 41s):
Either nothing new in that. And the, and the wallet is going to get hit because Joe, Biden’s attacking our ability to, to drill for oil and nation. He’s a stopping the leasing of new areas to drill. He shut down the XL pipeline, which the Canadians are, are totally pissed off about. And, and ah, you know, he was going to do everything. He can basically just save the planet. And unfortunately, he’s, he’s missing a fundamental reality that, that for some reason, that the ecological superheroes can’t wrap their head around, and this is, this is the reality.

1 (1h 1m 24s):
This is the reality of fixing the earth. If we are even capable of fixing the earth, okay, man is absolutely narcissistic. Believe me. When I tell you your talking to a trained profess and a professional narcissist, I talk into a microphone in assume people want to hear what the hell it is. I have to say almost on a daily basis. Right, I’ve been yakking for an hour and I’m going to keep going because I’m a professional narcissist, human being.

1 (1h 2m 5s):
But humans are given to this idea lately that we can fix everything. We can fix it, or we can save everything. It’s outstanding to me. Okay?

3 (1h 2m 18s):
But he was the about fixing the climate.

1 (1h 2m 23s):
There is one thing that will push climate, whatever change, not change there. There’s, there’s only really one thing that pushes people to give any bit of a shit about the planet and the conditions of the waters in the air and the places. And that’s prosperity. Think about it for a minute. The only way a society cares about the planet’s condition is if they’re a prosperous enough to not care about things like food, clean water, war, civil unrest, crime, right?

1 (1h 3m 10s):
You go talk to people in a third world nation where the children die daily from bad water, right? You go and talk to these people and you tell you tell them that they can’t burn their garbage or they can’t. You know what I mean? We’ve got, listen, we’ve got a worry about Gaia. If we don’t worry about Gaia, then it’s all lost. All right. The people who struggling to survive could care less about saving the planet. Just, just think about it for a minute. So the key, the key to taking care of the planet is prosperity.

1 (1h 3m 56s):
People have to prosper. People have to have, they have to be as high up on the hierarchy of needs as possible, right? They have to be seeking out. Meaning they have to be looking at, they have to be to self-actualization before they can say, yeah, I’m going to do my part to save the planet. Because if there’s no food who cares about the plan I got to eat, right? If, if, and I’m telling you this, because we’re moving into a position right now where people are going to have much greater concerns. If you lost your job, because we’ve been under COVID lockdown for how long, if you, if, if gas goes up to $4 a gallon, the amount of people who care about the climate is going to change drastically.

1 (1h 4m 51s):
It goes back to the example of the average human I gave you before. Right? You get to the point where you say, I got to much to worry about all ready. And now the gas is for 50 a gallon to hell with this guy. Get him out of here. I mean, really? It’s that simple yet with the average person. Now, if they’re prosperous, gas is cheap. Food is plentiful. Life is good. You start looking around at the trash on the ground. Yeah. We should clean the shit up a little bit. Huh? It’s a little bit of a mess around here. Look at the carbon dioxide in the air. Of course, a lot of people take it too far, but you have to remember.

1 (1h 5m 35s):
You have to remember without prosperity. It’s impossible for people to care about saving the world. That’s all there is to it. Melinda Lee says there are too many greedy people that won it. All right. Well, it’s true. It’s true. But we’re most of them are misguided. You know? I mean, there are a greedy people who are destroying the planet. That’s for sure. There are greedy people who are sucking the life, blood out of the planet. They’re cutting down the forests. They’re they’re mining and blowing up the holes in the planet. Contaminating waters, resources. That is 100% true.

1 (1h 6m 15s):
But that is a micro minority. I mean, that is a myth that those are the lizards. Those are the lizards. Don’t you understand? When we joke about the lizards, the guy who owns the mining company in Africa, who’s sending kids down there to rip the precious, rare earth metals out to make your cell phone. That dude is a lizard. He is a monster,

3 (1h 6m 40s):

1 (1h 6m 41s):
You don’t know anybody like that. Who knows? People like that. These are super rare for people now that you know, just because they’re rare, doesn’t mean they have a tremendous effect on the planet, but again, it goes back to what do we need the federal government for? If you’ve got a guy who’s making trillions off of destroying the environment. Well, maybe it’s time to maybe it’s time to call his ass in for questioning Right I dunno, but the first order of business is to get us back depending on foreign oil.

1 (1h 7m 26s):
And I know that that’s not the cleanest business, right? The fracking and the drilling. I get it, I get it. But we make a lot of M a w w when it comes to the climate, when it comes to environmental prism and conservation, it really is a issue that we should own because we, we are conservatives. We are the conservationists. I mean, as preppers conservation is always in your mind, right. I would have hope the conservation of your resources is something that you think about the, the, the appreciation of your natural resources, that it is at an all time high. Right?

1 (1h 8m 7s):
So this should be a battle that we kind of own, but the problem is the messaging is all wrong. I mean, yeah. I mean, think about it. I’ve got a plastic water bottle on my, on my table right now, right? I’m like a devil drinking water from a plastic water bottle. Right because plastic is evil. Isn’t it? Isn’t plastic. Evil plastic is absolute evil. It’s all in the oceans. It’s killing the turtles. Plastic is just a product. It only becomes, it’s an amazing product.

1 (1h 8m 48s):
Did that. I mean, it’s probably one of the most amazing things that humans have ever created. If you really think about it, here’s something that you can take melted down and turn it into almost anything you want. Right? It’s not plastic. That’s the problem in the same way that it’s not firearms that are the problems. It’s the fact that some people take plastic water bottles and put them in the trash can, instead of recycling, some people take plastic water bottles and throw them down in the Creek. Hmm. But we walk around with this wild ID and our heads that plastic is a murder.

1 (1h 9m 32s):
Oh God, the plastic as the problem. No, it’s just humans. Don’t know how to manage shit. That’s the problem. You take a plastic bottle, you put it in the recycle bin. It goes and gets melted down and turn it to a plastic water bottle. What’s the problem. But how the hell is the average person supposed to have time to think about all this wrap their head around all this stuff too. Damn busy. Right? That’s what it is. Volcana says, is talking about disposable plastic. Right, she’s what she’s talking about. Truly as the disposable society that we created, that’s true.

1 (1h 10m 17s):
You don’t let Gretta hear about it. Oh, my Gretta. She looks like something too. Don’t get me started on that one. She’s got to face on her. It reminds me of Chuckie or something. I can’t, you can’t really put my finger on it, but you’re right. And you know, I mean, it is what it is. You know, I was taught at a very young age. You never litter, no matter what happens, it doesn’t eat it before you litter eat it before you leave it on the ground. You know what I mean? You just eat the plastic bottle. But that’s because we grew up fishing, little creeks in Southeastern Pennsylvania. And every time you went down there, somebody dropped a bag of their garbage Right problem. You know what I mean? It’s a problem.

1 (1h 10m 60s):
What else do we want to talk about? Oh, we’re going to create a ham study group, PBN family. We’re going to create a room in element. So a, there was a little bit of a screw up on my end with the ham study group. But we’re going to get that group put together in element and what we’ll do to do our studying. We’ll just do a video chat in the ham study group. I’ll announce the date when we start. I don’t have any idea when we’re starting, but we’re going to start and we’ll do it right inside element. Okay. So if you’re not signed up for element, sign up for element, you’re silly bastard. We have to do it. Okay. Come here, come here. Oh, we can do a gardening group.

1 (1h 11m 40s):
Well, can I get no problem with that? That’s fine. Hold on. Let me write that down. It was, is that a joke? Just verify real quick, because I literally, I have the pen in my hand and I’m about to do what to do list number. And I will have, I have no problem creating a garden in group, But I’m not sure if you’re joking or not. Okay. Ham’s study room on the to-do list for tomorrow. Okay? Cool. Gardening group. Also, it shall be done your show.

1 (1h 12m 23s):
It will be done. What else, man? I can go on for hours. I don’t want to go. I know. Let’s do that. Let’s let’s let’s I got something for you. I got something for ya. This is pretty cool. And we haven’t done any segments yet, so let’s have some fun. Nope. Wrong sound bite.

3 (1h 12m 51s):

1 (1h 12m 51s):
All right. My element, my element updates are messing with my soundboard here.

3 (1h 12m 55s):

1 (1h 13m 3s):
Prepping and preppers in the news. One of my favorite new segments, I don’t have a Liberty review or a lying dying media. This week. I had so much nonsense written down. I still do have plenty this from the Baltimore sun. This is an opportunity. Okay. It’s very interesting though. Pretty fun. Pretty fun. I did a, the reason I brought up, because I wrote an article for ASCA Prepper dot com this week. It probably won’t. It probably won’t come out for a week. So if you go looking for it, it probably won’t be out for a week, but it it’s the safest places for preppers in 2021.

1 (1h 13m 46s):
Okay. And I did some conventional and unconventional things, you know, where you can live in the States, even a broad, that kind of talk. But I just so happened upon this little gem here. If anyone’s interested, Prepper fixer upper missile silo in New York listed for a, a balmy 600,000. So we there’s a mistake or I should tell a car will be about this. I’m a missile silo in New York listed for $600,000. A decommission silo and Ellenberg center has blessed it onto the market for 600 grand.

1 (1h 14m 32s):
This property features in above ground Quonset hut, which has a, which was used for storage by the military. And has since been turned into a residence, built to house the Atlas F missile from the 1960s. It’s one of 12 silos tied to the nearby Plattsburgh air force base, which shut down in 94, near the Canadian border for Canada. If you want to come with good reason and somewhat remote with good reason, what, what, or what are the amenities do we got while rarely available these underground spots surface on the market. Every once in a while says, Dominic, there’s another listing similar to this one.

1 (1h 15m 15s):
It’s not currently on the multiple listing service. So you think to yourself, Right 8.7 acres, seven foot chain link fence, the Northern tip of the Adirondacks 12 hour drive. The major cities property comes with a heli pad, which is really funny. Two it’s a 36, a hundred square foot silo, dry and insulated by the earth. So heating and cooling needs or minimal to live in it. So, listen, this is what I discovered when I was writing this article. Okay. Which I think is

3 (1h 15m 53s):
It’s a Loring.

1 (1h 15m 55s):
I’ll tell you that much. So when you buy, when you buy the missile silo, okay. It’s not about buy the missile silo and put a welcome mat outside of it. I saw a guy who had one of those. I’m going to sound like an idiot, but what are those water planes called? What’s that water plane, the kind of planes of fly into bodies of water. They can land on lakes and stuff. Imagine a field Right pretty open field looked like it was a Midwest

3 (1h 16m 30s):
Little, little wood cap,

1 (1h 16m 32s):
A little fire burning right outside of the, you could see the smoke coming from the chimney, a little unassuming cabin in Inn in the field by the Lake little air plane there, maybe to deliver supplies to remote areas or something like that.

3 (1h 16m 50s):
Inside the little cabin

1 (1h 16m 54s):
Is the access point to the missile silo

3 (1h 16m 59s):

1 (1h 16m 59s):
The footprint on this guy’s missile sailor was almost three times as big as his cat.

3 (1h 17m 7s):
That’s perfect. It’s perfect.

1 (1h 17m 12s):
See planes. That sounds way better than water. Plane. Thank you, Tony and the North, but yeah, astounding, right?

3 (1h 17m 20s):

1 (1h 17m 23s):
The idea that you have like a 900 square foot cabin, and you’re some weirdo who lives out in the middle of nowhere and you may be, you got some chickens and some goats in a seaplane.

3 (1h 17m 35s):
And man, this guy had it a little, you know,

1 (1h 17m 40s):
Access point was inside the property, be built around it.

3 (1h 17m 46s):
And he

1 (1h 17m 46s):
Probably spends a lot of time down there, you know, to live out of the missile silo. I’m not talking about you. Keep the missile silo locked down and live in your tiny cabin. I’m talking about you turn them into dual living spaces, head down. There you go to the gym, whatever it is. And a

3 (1h 18m 2s):

1 (1h 18m 4s):
Go on. Let me hit the lottery, man. That’s all I can say. I guess I have to play the lottery.

3 (1h 18m 9s):
The worst you

1 (1h 18m 12s):
Play the latter. I don’t have the kind of look. I’m not that kind of guy, you know, money, luck. It never just appears for me. Essentially. I have to work for almost everything. I get

3 (1h 18m 27s):

1 (1h 18m 27s):
In the North. Wow. That’s impressive. That’s impressive. I’d have killed my whole family. Probably if I was just kidding, that’s a joke, FBI. I’m not a domestic terrorist. That was a joke. I used to have an old, an old, a shtick about that. You know, where I would say bunker living, right? You go down in the bunker or a family of four goes down on the bunk or the only person that comes out as a dad. I mean, that’s really how it felt like to me back in my early days of prepping, when I was weighing what you really need, I really need a bunker. What happens when we all go down in the bunker for 10 years?

1 (1h 19m 10s):
Is it time to start building our own party With Tulsi Gabbard? And I literally want to email Tosi Gabbert after her remarks about the spill, this new bill on a domestic terrorism, they should really call it what it is. It’s not a domestic terrorism bill. If you’ve read any of it, it’s a white supremacist, Neo Nazi bill. It says white supremacists neo-Nazis ended about 15 times. It never says anything about Antifa. It never says anything about the, a, the block. It never says anything about anything. It doesn’t even say anything about Muslim terrorism. You don’t think there’s a nationalized Muslim extremists, you know?

3 (1h 19m 50s):

1 (1h 19m 56s):
That’d be amazing if they put something together that actually worked.

3 (1h 20m 4s):
See you,

1 (1h 20m 4s):
Jen. I agree. I know I need to shut this damn show down. Chin’s tapping out 10 minutes, 20 minutes in the hour to, yeah, I like TLC. I think TLC could lead a powerful charges as a third party candidate of a common sense party. And I think she would enjoy attacking the most corrupt elements of the government. I also think she would pair well with prepping, but who knows, you know, I’ve only so much energy and only so many things that I can do and affect. And my reach is very limited, but these are the things that run through your mind.

1 (1h 20m 47s):
We want to avoid violence, but how far can this thing go? That’s another big question in my head, right? How far can you let something go? So I told you, I’d bring you some answers. Let’s just talk real quick about these, these things that I think are the, the priority tears right now, priority tears, right? Because the Republicans currently are being bullied into submission. So I think that means that whatever comes is coming, whatever they push they’re pushing. I’m glad Melinda li like the audio drama, drama, just getting late.

1 (1h 21m 28s):
Yeah. There’s going to be more Shows Melinda Lee. That was the first episode. So I have recorded lines for like up to 13 episodes. So buckle up are going to enjoy, get comfortable with the changing earth audio drama. If you haven’t heard of the changing or the audio drama, go to the website, go to the IME. Liberty sh I mean, I’m sorry to go to the Prepper Broadcasting website. I’ve got it up there. Okay. Or you can just go to changing earth podcast and listen to it. There are also, but it’s a lot of fun, man. Everybody on the network is on the thing. It’s really great. All right. So let me give you the big four that are on my mind.

1 (1h 22m 9s):
Okay. Food production and sourcing. All right. Now that we have Christian in the ice age farmer reporting on here on a regular basis, I’m sure you are all starting to feel like things are very bleak, but his whole Mo is he brings you this crazy news about the food supply. And then he tells you she’s time to start producing food. Bountifully. I take it one step further. Okay. I think it’s about food supply. I’m sorry. I think it’s about food production and food sourcing. Okay. So the production of your own food, good, nothing wrong with that. Gardens trees, animals, you know the deal.

1 (1h 22m 50s):
But I think you should also put a lot of effort into identifying local farmers in your area, buying food from them on a regular basis and building relationships with them. Okay. Very important. Very important, because you can’t do at all, unless you’re the type of person can do at all. But if you can’t do it all like me and most people, you want to access to these farmers. Okay. Because if the government fails and then everything is going to go home and bill Gates takes over the food there, there’s going to be somebody who’s still growing, raising cattle and pigs. Right. And still wants to sell because that’s all they know. It’s like you, you know, a thing, you know, a thing that makes you money and no matter what the conditions are, you’re going to be still looking for opportunities to make money.

1 (1h 23m 36s):
That way it’s not a farmer is going to go, Oh, ho hum. There was a big collapse in society. I guess I’ll just stop being a farmer. No, you’re going to contact them and say, ah, you know, what’s, what’s the stock looking like, can we run some security for you up at the farm and maybe get a half a cow this year or whatever. So food production big, but also don’t sleep on the sourcing of food and your contacts with local farmers, big community. I say it all the time, community and people. I don’t know what to tell you. The community and people, you got to have the allies you’ve got you can’t be a recluse in this time. You got to have a few people who can, who can literally stand up with you and stand up for you.

1 (1h 24m 21s):
So if the FBI kicks your door in and hauls you away as a domestic terrorist, do you have a neighborhood of people who can say, you know what? He was a weird son of a bitch, but terrorist, he was not. These are important things. Unfortunately, your job is something you have to consider. I really do think people have to consider their where they’re making their living and how they’re making their living. And most importantly, how that job can be taken from you. Unfortunately, this is where we’re at. People you know, you can’t, you can’t be too certain that something you might say or something you might do will wind up with you losing your job.

1 (1h 25m 11s):
I mean, this is just the age that we live in. My advice begin the side hustles. That’s my advice. Start your thing. Do your thing, figure out what your thing is that you want to be doing and start doing it and monetize it a little bit at a time and never stop moving forward with it. You know? I mean, just, just so you understand, it’s taken me about three businesses to get to a point where I’m remotely comfortable financially. Okay. So you gotta a side hustle. If you say to yourself, you know what, I’m never going to be able to live off of this.

1 (1h 25m 56s):
Okay. Keep building, you know, there was a point in time where I wasn’t sure writing was going to cut it. And I said to my Self, I’m going to work part time at my job. I had a great job and a great staff, and this was something that I can do. And I talked to my boss and said, you know, I think I’m going to work part time soon. I want to spend more time with my kids and you know, pursue this other thing. And they were cool with it, you know? And that turned into I’m quitting because you know, I just, I had the ability to do it. Life threw me a curve ball. I took advantage of it. And you know, then I’m working for myself. So I have the ability to do more things.

1 (1h 26m 36s):
Right gee man comes to me. I want to sell the network or shut it down. Okay. I’ll, I’ll take that on. Right tired of looking for sponsors. Let’s start our own coffee company. Boom. See how that goes. So it’s a thing that takes time or could take time or maybe not maybe like Mark Knowles from fire edge. You, you find a product that is just a banger. And you know, I got a lot of faith in what fire edge is going to do on the longterm. I think that and that a product like that can go very far. So it all depends on what you, what you do. But if you don’t do anything and you depend on one salary, that one salary it can be taken in your life can be turned upside down.

1 (1h 27m 20s):
Okay? The final answer in all of this, right? So food community diversify that income as best you can get, get several ways, have to make money flowing in. Look, go make some t-shirts. I will put post for you on Prepper Broadcasting dot com. I don’t care. All right. It’s no big deal. I don’t mind supporting those who support me. The other big one. Those you gotta, you gotta look at debt. You gotta look at debt. We’re in a very interesting time right now for debt. Whether you like it or not. You’ve got a president. Who’s probably gonna forgive a bunch of debt, student loan debt.

1 (1h 28m 4s):
You’ve got a president. Who’s probably gonna send you a bunch of money. Okay? Nobody likes it. I know it’s, it’s socialism hard at work. You got choices. Right lucky. The other week when I was bitching about the money, you know, and he said to me, donate it. You know? So when Joe sends you your next check, if you have that much against that, you can donate or you can put it into debts that you will write. It’s a great time. The refinance, the mortgage, the rates are a tremendous, you know, you can refi pay debt off with a little extra money from the refinance, get a lower rate, cut the, cut the mortgage from a 30 year to a 15 and a, you know, you have substantially changed your situation.

1 (1h 28m 53s):
All of this just has to do with the fact that if Joe, since the whole ship, which we all feel like he’s gonna, that you’ve got even more Right you’ve got more time because you got less dead. You got more food. You got people around to help. You’ve got income coming in from a few different things. So if one thing fails, the other things pump, I mean, these are the macro items, right? These are the macro items that you should focus on right now. It only took me an hour and a half to get to it. I’m so glad you guys put up with me. I really, my voice is going it’s late.

1 (1h 29m 35s):
I’m tired. I’m calling it a night. I really do appreciate you guys. For those of you in element, Please look for the ham study group room to go up tomorrow. And the garden group room to go up tomorrow. Ham study will probably be in February. Okay. Let’s just the nature of what’s going on, but I will announce it. I’ll put it in the newsletter to the whole nine yards. Okay. Everybody will know when the class is, was from time to plan for it. That’s my commitment to you. What else? Membership? Starting to become a member here at PBN. Okay. If you’re not going to become a member now, then I don’t know what would drive you to become one.

1 (1h 30m 21s):
All right. Now is the time a tremendous benefits to be head as a member. All right. Outside of that, I think that’s it for me folks. That’s all folks. I we’ll see you next week. For another episode of the, I am Liberty show, please visit Prepper Broadcasting dot com. Check around. We’ve got new stories, new videos, the whole nine yards and Please visited. Join us. Come hang with us over at element. We’ve got a lot going on over there. We’ve got great people, man, a bow, amongst many other things, great people with incredible amounts of knowledge.

1 (1h 31m 1s):
If you’re sitting here listening to talk about preparedness saying to yourself, I want to know more. That’s a ch a free and easy way to access or an amazing group of people. Okay? Gunmetal armory tomorrow night, Dane D can’t wait to hear what he has to say. Oh, and listen for those marching orders tomorrow night. Talk soon. PBN family.

5 (1h 31m 27s):
Thank you for listening to The. Prepper Broadcasting. Network where we promote self-reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit us at Prepper Broadcasting dot com.

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