May 7, 2021


Self reliance and independence

The Network, The Shows, and The listeners

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The Prepper Broadcasting Network and all of our hosts involved, work hard to bring you new and fresh information to help you become better prepared and better aware with each broadcast.  Because of the diversity of our hosts you will find no two hosts or their show topics alike. Each of our hosts provide their own information, guests, topics, and work hard to research the material in order to bring to you the best possible show they can.

It is impossible to air a show with topics everyone will agree on or find useful. It is up to each individual listener to take with him or her parts of the show they find useful or informative. It is also up to the individual listener to research and confirm to their own satisfaction any material presented to them that they may have reservations about.

While airing our shows we also provide an interactive chat room where those listening can pose questions to our hosts and guests while also exchanging thoughts and ideas with one another. At times, because of the traffic in the chat room all questions and comments cannot be addressed. It is also important to remember the chat room is not a bashing free for all. By this I mean if you are listening to one of our programs and do not like the content of the material provided exercise your rights, don’t listen. At the same time please refrain from disrupting the chat room and others who do wish to listen by posting derogatory comments or remarks. For those that follow us, understanding the rights of others and show respect I will soon replace the current chat room with one that will enable me to remove those that abuse it.

The Prepper Broadcasting Network continues to grow due to the popularity of our hosts, the information they provide and you the listener. We will be adding another show in the next couple of weeks with more to follow. All of us here at Prepper Broadcasting Network would like to thank each and every one of you for your support in making this happen.



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