The most “SHOCKING” guest we have ever had on Prepper Broadcasting.

On (((Ranters Radio))) we have brought you some amazing guests. From Cutting edge Authors to Secret Government Agents!

On Nov 9th 6pm PST on we will bring you the most “SHOCKING” guest we have ever had. Someone we all thought no longer existed. Brace yourselves as we bring to you “LIVE” … a teenager that cares about our Country!

Our guest Madeleine McAulayis a Teenage Political Maverick from attending weekly meetings, writing her upcoming book, writing blogs, and home schooling it is obvious she is not your average teen. Madeleine is very involved in politics, hoping to change the direction of America. She is afraid of where her country is headed, and how dark her future will be.

Bring your kids and Join us “LIVE” for a conversation with Madeleine McAulay, a refreshing look at America’s future from a well informed youth.Check out Madeleine’ website, to see what she is all about.Madeleine is also the Team Leader for Team Sarah’s Official Youth Group: Team Cubs. (

Tonight 8:00pm/Central. Go to listen and Chat tab above.

All shows available in archives.

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