The bombs that will make America Great again!

Is it possible? Can bombing and air strike attacks fix everything, our status in the world, productivity, economics, employment, health and our perception to the rest of the world, etc., and leave us on top?

It is possible but first you have to be prepared for the aftermath. In preparation for the aftermath many things must be put into place, for most is agriculture. Farm lands must be set aside for the need of certain products that will be in super high demand. New and existing manufacturing and processing plants will need to be built and existing ones modified.

Transportation and shipping will have to be overhauled as well, put into place, and be at the ready. I’m not talking about just U.P.S. and freight liner. It will have to involve massive air freight, truckers, the rail road, shipping containers; even oil tankers would have to be modified to meet the demands that would incur.

Because of preparations alone millions upon millions of people will find work. Unemployment will be a thing of the past and wages will be surreal to meet the demands. We will once again become the world power that all will admire and want to be a part of.

Once everything is in place the bombing can begin. Not a warning shot over the bow but an all-out global bombing that reaches every corner of our planet. Leave not a blade of grass untouched. The bombs will not be incenerary or nuclear. The bombs will be designed to detonate at a predetermined altitude above target. They will not eat up the oxygen, maim, disfigure or kill a single human being.

Those that have been bombed will thank us. The residents of each and every country we attack will welcome us back again for another attack and pay for it. We will be supreme and there will be no denial.

You may be asking yourself now, what kind of bomb are you talking about? What sort of deterrent can hurt no one but still enables us to become the ultimate leader of our planet? How can these types of actions put everyone back to work with wages they are not accustom to?

The answer is really quite simple and can be summed up in three letters T.H.C. The massive, predetermined altitude bombing and disbursements of T.H.C. and the air strikes dropping prerolled joints will not only create a passive, non-energetic , peace loving society of all those it reaches but it will also create a need, a need that we as a nation have already prepared for. The need for munchies will be great. The need for munchies will be far greater than oil, gold, silver, power and anything else you can think of that all hold so dear.

In our preparations for the demand we have created we will have the means to supply. Our farms will already be producing the wheat, flour, corn, sugar, potatoes, etc. Ranchers will be busy with cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens etc… Factories will be processing and packaging the steaks, roasts, jerky, pork rinds, potato chips, slim Jims and candy bars. Americans will be growing, manufacturing, and packaging all of these wants of all those we have bombed. Freight companies, air transport, and converted oil tankers will be hauling seven days a week. Prosperity will be inevitable.

So that you know and do not ask, I have no desire to be president. I work hard to provide all the ideas and information that I can with only the wants of my fellow patriots at heart. Self-reliance and independence is all I wish for those that make America great.

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