December 8, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Teamwork and Survival – The Next Generation Show

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Preppers put a lot of stake in their ability to go it alone. To survive without the help of others. But with family in tow, it’s hard to make that fantasy a reality. So what’s the solution?


This week on the Next Generation Show, we will be going through our recent dry run for 2019 where we challenged ourselves to a lightweight campout with a twist. We combined this exercise with exhaustion and sparse planning.

The result was eye-opening to say the least.

In some cases, Colin stepped up and filled in where help was needed. In other ways, I stepped in and helped out. Just like any practice for a team sport, you learn your weaknesses and train to make corrections. With survival scenarios, it’s critical to do the same. Even with the right gear on hand, and enough experience or skills, there’s a component to survival that rarely gets the attention it deserves. Teamwork proved more critical than we realized, and, once again, we found holes in our preparedness planning, equipment, and supplies.

We were better off in some ways, and worse off in other ways. Join us as we break down the experience and share what we learned and what we intend to change in our planning next time aroud. Hopefully you can take our experience and revisit your lightweigh travel plans and see how teamwork plays a role!

Also, don’t miss out on this week’s Pint Sized Prepper Project where we explain a simple way to create an evaporative cooler to help in the hot days ahead!



Listen to “Wild Berries and Foraging – The Next Generation Show” on Spreaker.Listen to “Berries and Wild Forage – The Next Generation Show” on Spreaker.
Listen to “Berries and Wild Forage!” on Spreaker.

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