November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Surviving Life on the Otherside of COVID-19

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This is our last great warning.

We will never have an opportunity like this. This is an opportunity for change but its for change at our own pace. We can decide we want the change and we can take our time with it. We can really make it fit.

Never again will the world be gripped like this but not to the point of asphyxiation.

During the next global event we will not have the choice to change. It will be made for us. In fact, everyday beyond the writing of this article puts us one day closer to having that forced change levied upon us. Now, you aren’t going to like all the change I present.

Your American, you have liberty and you should live how you want.

The truth about liberty is that it’s a game of consequence. You are free to make your own decisions but bad decisions have bad outcomes. We want the good time liberty with none of the consequences. Well, consequence has come to our front door.

How do you plan on surviving in the post pandemic world? I have some suggestions.

Simpler, Smaller Cheaper Living for American Workers and Manufacturing

How can we depend on the Chinese Communist Party for so many of our goods? The short answer is because they are cheap. They are much cheaper than our workers because they manipulate their currency and they pay their slavish workers next to nothing. We can wave our fingers at China for their behavior from now until the great Nuclear exchange that ends it all.

Or, we can look inward and make some tough decisions as Americans. You see, the reality of our situation is that we are over our heads in terms of living conditions, amenities, and conveniences. It costs too much to be “American” and that has to change.

Inside your big home, you look out on your 2 SUVs and you wonder when you will be allowed to go out and shop for garbage and have someone prepare you a meal!

We think the reason so many Americans are suffering in despair is that they cannot afford the college, the car or get the 70 hour a week job. It’s like digging a hole with a chainsaw! We hardly stop to ask ourselves what we really want.

“A job in finance.”

Who the fuck wants a job in finance. Really? We think we want a GOOD job in finance because that is how we can afford the big house and the cars and the trips. We also gotta pay off all that college debt cuz Mom and Dad wanna tell their friends that we went to Yale.

What we really need is more time with the people we love and more adventure.

I am not saying we don’t need to work hard. Hard work is vital but the work we do and what we do with the fruits of our labor is undoing our liberty. Debt is prison, dependence on China is a losing game so we need to change the game and be free. We need to start by simpler living.

  • smaller houses
  • fewer cars per household
  • culture change in college and around college (not everyone has to go or should go)
  • re-prioritize the funds

There are only two ways we can get American manufacturing back on track. The first is create an Army of slavish robots to produce everything cheaply. The other is to reduce our cost of living exponentially so that we can both be around to enjoy life and create quality American products that don’t cost our life savings.

Preparedness is not a Choice

“Not everyone is a prepper, huh, Dad?”

Carter is a smart boy. He is living through an incredible time. His 3rd-grade career ended in March! That’s a memory!

More and more he is understanding why we do the things we do. This situation has truly driven it home. We are not panting over food or income at this moment. Our actions have put us in a position to deal with that.

My son understands things about life that I always surprise me. You don’t think you rub off on your kids so much but you do. It was because Carter that I started prepping.

Through the years I have come to realize that prepping is not an option. It’s not a choice to decide you should take action to be prepared. If you don’t prepare for the outcomes of the future than you are forcing others to prepare and you are allowing the tentacles of government to seethe deeper into the core of our liberty.

Of course, the great question is how much government infection can human liberty endure? What happens when the core gets so perforated that it begins to disintegrate. The chains are always hungry, the cells are always ready. Man has spent much more time a slave than we have with freedom. The world could forget man’s freedom the way your forget a sneeze.

Prepping and self reliance is a fortification that we build around the core of liberty. Listen, if we are having this much trouble retaining freedom against other men, how will we ever plead the case for our freedom against a GOD like sentient AI that governs humanity like a HIVE. Have you heard of Neural Link created by Elon Musk? It’s coming. Are you ready?

Our society will splinter and there will be the cyborgs and the disconnected. Either that or it will all go offline and we will have to start from scratch. But now I am getting to far afield.

Now is the Time for Questions

Are cities a sustainable option for our society? This will not be our planet’s last pandemic or catastrophe. CNN, Business Insider, and Forbes all contacted me during the early stages of this thing. The journalists all lived in New York and they were very professional but just under the surface, they were grappling with the fact that they were perilously close to collapse and they were positioned in a city that could not sustain them in any way.

Prepare for a mass exodus from the big cities as some have learned their lesson.

Should we vote more? Should we vote for what matters?

Is public school the answer we have to live with?


Part time and part home entreprenurial goals are what spawned my lifestyle. These goals and the success therein have afforded me the time to consider all of this and to write about it. Its clear we need to look at this thing through a different lens if we are to survive the next phase.

As we slip into economic woe and struggle with the vaccination debate we will crash headlong into the presidential election and we just don’t know what happens after that. What of China? What of the rest of the world.

Prepare for the post pandemic world. It could be as much of a blessing as a disaster, if you act now!






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