January 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Stop takeing what is mine that I have worked so hard for!

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These are a couple of replies to an original post on APN titled “The real survivalist”. I hope you will find a few minutes to read these comments and follow the attached link to read original post and all comments. I believe you will come away with a better understanding of what is wrong in today’s society.

Reply submitted by RedHorse ronin 

May I call you Maam? So you claim that “the so called “free market” got us into this mess?” I ask you this, WHEN have we EVER post 1929 had a true free market? Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve by that tyrant Wilson, we have had an EVERINCREASING amount of government regulation and market manipulation by government sponsors central banks. Twelve quasi-private banks control the world economy. With so much regulation, did the BP oil spill get prevented? Did the Exxon Valdez not run aground? Did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac put the brakes for sub-prime lending? Did enterprises like the US Postal Service and AMTRAK run efficiently or stay in the black consistently? NO. Free Markets in America are myths. What you are actually angry at is CRONY CAPITALISM which is as capitalist as neo-cons are conservative.

“Its not entitlement, its that we tolerated being drained of our dignity and finances by the “free” market too long.” SERIOUSLY?!! Name one demeaning thing that YOU have ever been forced to do that so scarred you that it inhibited your ability to have a functional life. NOBODY is an indentured servant and we did away with the fuedal systems that northern factories and Appalachian coal companies perfected. I guarantee that if you whined about your dignity to a depression era survivor, you would get an undignified retort.

“Raise the minimum wage or make health insurance coverage manditory, and I’ll shut up.” I don’t want you to shut up, grow up maybe, but I’d never encourage you to not exercise your freedom of expression, but tell me this: WHERE in the Constitution or ANY founding document is is written that you have the right to a certain wage or health care at comparatively little cost to you? An argument should be made that minimum wages are 4th Amendment violations because it is a government mandated seizure of property by another without consent of the property owner. Why should we follow the failing subsidized and socialized healthcare systems of the world and erode civil liberties even more? If

“There are handbooks out there about how to avoid unionizing your business. Why are businesses anti union? Because they protect their members from being taken advantage of by a 7 dollar an hour wage and no health insurance.” Why can’t small businesses protect themselves from the predatory and extportionate activities of unions? The time for unions has passed and unions repatedly betray labor for the enrichment of the union heads and the politicians they prop up. Want to know why thise union jobs moved out of the country? Because US labor demanded extortionate amounts of money and compensation for sub-par performance. Ask the steel industry and the auto workers how much good their AFL-CIO/UAW affiliations are with Detroit a ghost town and Pittsburg not far behind. That $80,000+/yr compensation for assemblyline workers to put a piece of tape on every third minivan coming down the line was money well spent wasn’t it? Believe me, I KNOW what I’m talking about. I grew up the son of a UAW GM assemblyman. I often ask my father where is the UAW now that they aided and abetted the mismanagers of the GMAC empire. He has no answer other than union platitudes and excuses about management. He was making more than most college graduates with only a high school diploma. Unions are not solely responsible for the ruination of the economy but they share EQUAL blame with management, CEOs, and the government. Do you have children? I do. Are you satisfied with the state of education? The US ranks so poorly in education that some lower end 2nd world nations shame us. Any attempt at reforming the system is stopped cold by teachers unions. They cry poverty yet how many people get a $45,000/yr salary, almost 4 months off a year, and 6 1/2 hr workday straight out of college. An ex girlfriend of mine got this, PLUS a $50,000 grant to buy a home and a FREE state paid masters degree with an auomatic $15,000 raise upon completion in a small RURAL county public school here in MD. Not many profession offer that kind of compensation straight out of the gate.

“Because they protect their members from being taken advantage of by a 7 dollar an hour wage and no health insurance.” referencing the above paragraph, just WHOM is talking advantage of whom?

“If everyone making min wage walked away from work for a week, the country would grind to a screeching halt. No more coffee from starbucks. Walmarts would have no customer service and no registers. Every chain retailer in the US of A would stop. We have the power to improve our situation. We don’t use it.” Interesting. The fallacy of this specious argument is that not everybody believes this to be honorable or even fair. It will never work. Why? because the government has a de facto open immigration policy and there are PLENTY of immigrants will will gratefully take that job that some overindulged, entitled, overweight, yet still impoverished American would walk away from.

“Its not that money trickles down from the rich and successful. Its that it trickles up from the people fighting to get by.” Got a defibrillator? THIS, Maam, I agree with. THIS is the definition of crony capitalism. If you want to change this. Vote with your wallet and at the ballot box. Elect judges that will be honorable and objective at the local and state level. Get some populist candidates elected. Barter in the gray market. Buy “amerikan,” though that’s a BS notion too in this globalized system. Patronize the small businesses and decide to spend more than you would at the big box China-Marts. Make the sacrifices and keep more of your money local.

“If you put people back to work on a living wage, they will respond by rebounding the economy and lifting the rest of the country out of poverty.” How can businesses sustain wages like that in a down economy? You are thinking like the government that spends fiat, that is to say non-existent, money to spur growth, never caring that by inflating the money supply with nothing, not even production to back it, then the VALUE is further decreased and the COST of goods rises exponentially. This is basic Macro Economics 101. If you want a really good economics lesson, look at the illicit drug trade. Would a drug dealer let a fiend score a hit with a check and an IOU? NO, because the fiend is not worth the paper his check is written on, just like Reserve Greenbacks. If you want more “REAL” money to flow into the system, tell the largest racket in the game to slow down their extortion. That is to say, decrease government spending and cut taxes.

“If you threaten to shut down all the lower level jobs in the economy with a protest then the government HAS to listen.” Ever talk to an Air Traffic Controller?

“You want to get rid of government programs, the key is setting the people dependant on them up for success. Not entitlement, success.” How has the Great Society done that? Government programs destroyed the urban black family. Until the 60’s and LBJ’s Great Society, the unofficial coalition of black communities was arguably the most cohesive and productive, person for person, demographic in America. Welfare came and took the fathers out of the house and then Vietnam took them away and exposed them to a life that society was ill equipped to handle when they returned. The result of welfare? Cities are free fire open drug markets and countless white families are living on the dole in the south still living under the effects of the Reconstruction. How many native americans have been wasted on government subsidies and the government reservation system?

“But how can, for example, a walmart greeter find the financial resources to start a business if all of them go into just surviving?” At the risk of sounding elitist, how many Wal-Mart greeters have the savvy and fire in the belly to start and run a successful business? For every successful business, I would imagine dozens fail. There are no free passes and nobody is entitled to a successful business.

“Without the higher wage, there’s no room for innovation.” I wonder if Bill Gates would laugh or politely disagree with you. Have you ever heard of Bill Cosby or Dr Ben Carson? They were successful beyond their mean beginnings.

“When a society collapses, throughout history, research, technological advancement, and free enterprise have all ground to a halt. Why? Because its survival over enlightenment. Its the same thing here.” On this, Maam, you are simply wrong. One is irrespective of the other. Apples to oranges. Innovation actually accelerates when the systems fails. Instead of using hydraulics on rocket launch pad, people are innovating ways to use fluid dynamics to pump water to survive and perpetuate.

” Because without the basics taken care of you can’t improve your situation. And if the only way a person is able to make a living wage is if they get fed by the government, then thats what they’re going to do” WAIT A MINUTE!!! How does a government PAY to feed the masses? Do property rights get demolished because one is more successful than another 9? If others can rely on somebody else providing for their basics, then what motivation is there to improve? Tell me one successful and sustained socialist utopian experiment that did not fail in a matter of decades or less. The Puritans and Jamestown Colony tried this and they starved. Stealing another man’s property to reward the unmotivated is morally inexcusable.

” If you get more people moving up in the world, then you can cut taxes where you feel fit. If you don’t have that surplus money and surplus time, then you can’t have surplus production.” No offense, this is naive enough to be ludicrous. If you bring everybody to the same level, then with the amount of resources in the world, you sentence EVERYBODY to poverty. Egalitarians NEVER take their ideas to its logical conclusion. I invite you to read “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegutt.

“Who protects my mother?” In a word-YOU. It wasn’t until that egostical tyrant, FDR that this nation ever seriously entertained the thought of not being self responsible. The government had no place in your welfafare, unless it was constitutionally required. The government facilitated Life and Pursuit of Happiness by minimally regulating the impediments to such. Families, churches and relief societies took care of those unfortunate or not thrifty enough to provide for theirselves. I, myself, am currently unemployed. I took it upon myself to humble myself and divest myself of the trappings of my former leveraged employed lifestyle. In order to take care of my child, I made barter arrangements to faciliate my life. I moved to more affordable accomadations. I drive a 15 year old vehicle. I take unemployment because I have paid into the system for 2 1/2 decades and it was contractual. I realized that my skillsets are not as marketable in this emerging economy so I used the education benefits that I EARNED with 20 years of uniformed service and a half dozen deployments to the mid-east; again contractual. I am DOING SOMETHING to pull myself up. I could get free medical care for my daughter, food stamps, and subsidized housing but I can get by without it by living within my means. The ironic thing is that since being unemployed, after 3 years of decreasing salaries and finally wages, I am financially better off and have almost divested myself of debt and will have anew college degree when I come out of this. With crisis comes opportunity maam.

“Thanks to her social security disability benefits, she’s got her basics cared for and can go back to school to get a better job.” That’s is code for thanks to social security, YOU are not saddled with a disabled mother to the extent that historically familes have been. Social Security is a ponzi scheme that betrays the younger generations.

“Guess what? My mother also tried to make her own business. It FAILED.” Guess what? Life is not fair. You obviously are interested in the prepper lifestyle, on some level or would not be here; however, do you think that when the unsustainable government safety nets fail that people are going to sing kumbaya and live in communes and share and share alike? People will die and it will be neither pretty, nor fair. NOBODY is guaranteed to be a success. Even with a silver spoon, people are jackasses. Do you honestly think that that clown, George Bush, has ever succeeded at anything on his own? Hell he wanted to be a neocon imperialist and he surrounded himself with mostly idiots, like Rumsfeld who couldn’t read a history book, and he couldn’t even pacify one nation, let alone several at once. In the novel “one Second After” an Asheville cop makes the observation, after watching a procession similar to the OWS clownocracy, that Ghandis can only exist in civilzed nations that are true to democratic beliefs because to protest against autocracies is a death sentence.

Maam, I hope that I have not offended you, but I had to respond point by point. I commend your eloquent passion but your ideals are misplaced, at best, in my opinion. I wish you the best and hope that you and those of your mindset do not continue to succeed and hold sway. Success of your beliefs leads to the ruination of this nation.

Reply submitted by North Idaho Patriot

If I spend “MY” Money, Risk “MY” investments, Risk “MY” future, deal with laws, regulations, potential lawsuits, EPA fines, Taxes and a whole host of Socialist crap, then You are damn straight I should be able to decide what I’m going to pay my employees. If I cant turn a profit because the Socialists make it so damn hard to make a profit, then why on earth would I want to risk everything to start a business. In NO WAY am I obligated to start a business for act of charity to give someone a job and pay them a wage that they demand. If they don’t like working for me at the wage I pay, then they can go work for someone else. It’s just the same as a customer. If a customer doesnt like the price in one store, then they can go shop somewhere else….Oh good God, could you imagine a world where the employees can demand the pay raises that they want (your business expense) and the customers can demand and get the lower prices that they want (your source of income). Your business would most certainly fail and everyone would be out of job and the customers would not get the products they want. Sounds like the Soviet Union

Reply submitted by panzerfahre

I call bull shit. I’ve read this thread and Shini — you may be a nice person, but you are terribly confused about business and politics. Old days – no money, no treatment and daddy died from his injury at the mill. Or he was crippled and your family moved in with other family members or mommy turned tricks to feed the kiddos.

For all the talk of problems in America and there are many, the people in this country have a better standard of life than most of the world. Yeah, it has dipped some and yeah, I expect big drop to come, but you are still better off than if you didn’t have those luxuries.

1. Nazis: The National Socialist Workers Party. Yes. Nazis grew out of the labor unions. That’s what you get when you allow unions and liberal to run amuck. Bodies in mass graves. Happens every time and the only ones who learn from it are liberals.
2. Lots of people dream of being writers. Published writers are the people who sit at a desk and open a vein over a piece a paper only to have thousands of armchair critics with a 7th-grade reading level critique your work. This I know as a result of more than 6,000 published articles, two book chapters and six short fiction stories. Very few people can lock themselves away from humanity for long enough to write a book.
3. If you are responding to livestock emotionally, how are you going to handle slaughter day? You have to think that through.
4. Your ad hominem attacks on Christianity are simply offensive. A) I have gay family members, whom I love. And if they started teaching my young son about their sexual habits, I’d beat them senseless and press charges. Not because I am anti gay – I’d do the same thing if a straight couple decided they wanted to teach my son about sex. I am his father, not you, not the state and not anyone with an agenda. I’ll know when he is ready to start learning about sex. Until then, I’ll thank you and all the other would-be pedophiles that demand to young children about homosexuality to keep your sex life in the bedroom where it belongs. B) My religion is pushing our beliefs on you and yours, but you anti-Christian people are doing an awful lot of pushing. I’ll pray when and where I please. I don’t care if my faith bothers you. Your lack of faith doesn’t bother me.
5. I run my businesses to make a profit. I didn’t see you bleeding-heart thieves coming around to give an evening off or pay my rent when I was working 90-100 hours a week to keep my business open. Of course, you don’t care that I risked every penny I had and didn’t take a paycheck for more than a year because we had a bad year and I didn’t want to lay anybody off. Now that I drive a Mercedes and live in a nice home, I’m greedy. I still don’t have cable because I put my work in other places. I invested and ran businesses while the people that want to take my money did nothing. They didn’t work a second job. They didn’t invest in real estate, the business down the street or themselves. I worked 60 hours a week while getting attending school full-time for my masters. Again, it is an the takers won’t make. You’re damn right I’m greedy. I’ve busted my ass for years and by God, I should get to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor.
6. You plead feelings and ignore facts. A) I don’t want to take anybody’s right away. The problem is I am not willing to let your ilk take mine either. B) Civil rights – civil rights are myths, fictional devices to confuse the liberal into thinking they are entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor. America wasn’t founded on civil rights it was founded on human rights, natural rights, that is to say rights that you are not endowed with because you happen to be American, but because of your humanity. Our government doesn’t grant rights, it exists to protect your natural rights. A government that grants rights can also strip them away at will. We don’t work that way. At least we didn’t until recent history.
7. WE don’t need to get families stable. The family needs to stabilize themselves. If you are in need of charity, you are welcome to request it at my church. My brothers and sisters in Christ will bend over backwards to help a truly needy person. If you are simply lazy, we can help with that too. Hunger is a powerful motivator.
8. However, stealing the fruits of my labor at the point of a gun to give to people unwilling to do for themselves is not beneficial. Here’s why: I can always take care of my family. At a certain point the diminishing return for my labor means I will exert less labor. Since I am a creator, that means I will create fewer jobs. The result of which is more people will be unemployed. Ironically, it won’t be my former employees, as they were all good workers and highly skilled. No, they will push the lower educated and lower skilled out of the job market.

The dribble on this thread has made me sick. Woe is me. Wah wah. Prepping is about taking care of yourself. Taking responsibility for yourself. I’ll gladly help someone who is helping themselves. I’ve said my piece. I’m done on this thread.

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