July 4, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Rest of week Prepper Radio line up! A not to miss week!

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Tonight, The Waterman Files. Last week Doctor Waterman was not well and because we played a rebroadcast but tonight I am told he is back at it and to expect another great episode of the Waterman Files with a check up of the WEBBOT reports.

Wednesday 8/31/2011, Steven Ranting with “Ranters Radio”  is proud to present for you, an amazing author Michael Newton.  Michael has always had a passion for history, politics, and economics, which led him write The Path To Tyranny. He is currently working on a book about the American Revolution.
In Michael E. Newton’s book, “The Path to Tyranny, A History of Free Society’s Descent Into Tyranny,” Newton clearly lays out the depressing facts of America’s incremental slide into tyranny for all to see. After personally reading Newton’s book, there is no denying that America is currently on the same rancid path of history as Stalin’s Communist Russia and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.
As pointed out by Newton, many ancient cultures that started out free, then slid into skid row and tyranny over a period of time. How did this draconian injustice occur?

On Thursday 9/1/2011 Erin with Twisted Radio  guests will be Pastor Eli James discussing the state of affairs now in the world as well as (time permitting) King Arthur! Follwing Pastor Eli will be Jerry Day discussing Smart Meters, their dangers and what exactly they really do!

Friday 9/2/2011 On Backwoods, Sabers War Dogs joins Gman. Sabers was  born and raised in the Adriondak Mountains by nine Aunts. He is a gun smith specializing in long range precision rifles, a millwright, skilled machinest, and also a welder. He now reside in Alaska and has been there for 24 years. He was also a US Army Canine explosive, drug and patrol Dog Handler. He has worked for 40 years for different Government agencys all over the world as a Canine Handler, …South America, Africa, over ten years in the middle east, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, 4 years in Iraq and Pakistan also was in asia working on 4 different land mine removal contracts. He is now retired after suffering injuries in a IED explosion. He lives a subsistance lifestyle,  growing all of there own vegetables, subsistance fish and hunt along with gathering what they can from the woods. He lives  in a two story log cabin, heats with wood and cooks with wood. Summers are short he ha says but beautiful, winters are long cold and dark, but still very beautiful and deadly at minus seventy below.

Lynna with The Other Side…A Preppers Path Sunday 9/4/2011. She’s back! Janet Liebsch  Co-founder of Fedhealth + co-author (with hubby Bill) of IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it? (a customizable first aid + disaster prep manual) http://www.itsadisaster.net Joins us for our very first show during National Preparedness month. Always vibrant and informative Janet promises a special show you won’t want to miss.

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