November 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Reaching the Preppers, Survivalist, Americans!

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We seam to be accomplishing what we strive for here at Prepping Broadcasting, to reach out to everyone we possibly can. To inform and make aware, to make ready and to prepare is what this network is all about. Last night showed us once again that people are listening. Erin with Twisted Radio along with her guests  Greg Evensen from The Heartland USA. and  Michael Beckham from Patriotic Space left standing room only in the chat room discussing why it is so important to prepare and to be aware. It was obvious that those in the chat room and by the ongoing down loads that the show hit home. Tonight we expect no different as we have for our guest Tyler with United Shooters association discussing our second amendment rights and why it is so important to keep up the fight in order to keep these rights.  As with all of our shows we look forward to seeing you here and welcome your comments and opinions. If you have missed A live broadcast you can always go to the downloads on our Listen & Chat page to listen at your leisure. Thanks to all of you for helping us with our commitment in becoming your best source for being aware and how to prepare.

Thanks, Glen “Gman”

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