April 22, 2021


Self reliance and independence

(((Ranters Radio))) Wednesday 8:00pm/Central

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Tired of Obama? Sick of media coverage of Chaz Bone? Just generally fed up with the direction things are headed? Everybody heard about California passing the tanning booth ban, but did you hear about Gov. Brown signing the Open Carry Gun ban? I Didn’t think so…  Lets talk about it on (((Ranters Radio))) On this weeks show we will be discussing Socialism in American politics, Obama’s failure to lead, and other political travesties in our country. Join us “LIVE” Wed 6pm PST and join our Revolution!

On Ranters News we will draw the line in the proverbial sand, here, now, and will not waiver in our commitment to stop socialism in the country.

The Ranters News Show will also cover Prepping for newbies and lazy people. This is a great opportunity for people that have always meant to start prepping but didn’t know how. You can now join in and get involved. We will start with the most basic information about prepping and survival in emergency situations and provide more advanced information as the show progresses.
We will also feature frequent live guests, human interest stories, and current events.

Steve is also known for having the best sideburns in the business.

Wednesday 9/12/2011 8:00pm/Central

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