April 22, 2021


Self reliance and independence

(((Ranters Radio))) the web sensation is taking the world by storm!

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(((Ranters Radio))) the web sensation is taking the world by storm! Our discussions have become legendary, and topics of many “water cooler” chats. Will you join us Wednesday? Or will you be left in the dark yet again. Socialist/Liberals are uniting, Conservatives are sitting on the sidelines. Will you just sit idly by as our great country is taken over by the lost “you owe me” generation?

 (((Ranters Radio))) has drawn a line in the sand, and no Liberal has yet dared to cross it. We will give no quarter to the Fascist regime that has usurped control of our White House through fraud and corruption. Other shows would not DARE to discuss the topics we have exposed. We have even been attacked by Obama watch dogs, they tried to take one show off the air while we were “LIVE”. Join (((Ranters Radio))) Live Wednesday 6pm PST on www.preppersbroadcasting.com and find out why we are conquering the “Lame Stream Media”! Tune in this week as we once again cover all things Obama!
Tonight Wednesday 10/19/2011 8:00pm/Central. Go to Listen and Chat tab above for details.

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