Primitive Survival

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Many people throughout time have survived primitively. Small tribal bands, pioneers, trappers, mountain folk, etc… if you can make fire, shelter and produce food and clothing then some form of clothing and have a water source, you are well on your way. When you get rid of TV, computers and other un-needed distractions you will have a lot of time on your hands to take care of things. develop your skill sets and with a minimal amount of gear a person can survive comfortably. There is an initial period of hard work to get set up, however, being preppers, most of this initial set up should be completed.

The most important thing to do (I believe) is to develop the skill sets required for long term survival, then make the ‘prepps’ to make sure you have what you need to carry out your plans. Food stored gets used, then you have to produce your own. Bullets stored get used then you have to reload or use something other than a gun. Stored water gets used then you have to come up with a safe water source. So on and so on… skill sets are what is needed for long term survival.

I am a country boy who has live in major cities throughout the world, I am an Eagle Scout, college educated then went around the world 4 times for Uncle Sam as an airborne infantryman, fought in Iraq in ’04 and ’05. Skill sets have come in handy for me many times. Start out by educating yourself then spend 2 days and a night out in the woods by yourself with minimal gear. Practice your skill sets until you have them down.

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