May 8, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Prepping vs. Survivalism

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Recently I was visiting American Preppers Network http: // and came across a post provided by raggi5. Basically posing a question, “what is the difference between a prepper and a survivalist?”. Off the cuff my response would be that a prepper is one who prepares in advance for an unseen or even a foreseen disturbance that may occur disrupting that persons daily routine. While a survivalist is one who simply has the skills to survive most unforeseen events but not preparing for in advance. For some interesting comments and to read the original post go to . You may have to be a member to follow this story. If you are not a member I would highly recommend you join. This site has a wealth of good information weather you consider yourself a survivalist or a Prepper. Also I would suggest you tune in to Fridays live broadcast 6/24/2011 8:00pm Central when we have Thomas from Survival Training School of California, as I pose this question to him. Go to listen and chat Friday night for show

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