November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Prepping Faster: Lifestyle, Food, Energy and Numbers

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Times they are a-changing! People have a better hold of the world than ever before. There are people who once looked down on prepping because of things like religion and political affiliation that are now interested in prepping and prepping faster.

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The list of concerns is growing by the day and nearly everyone can find a reason to store a little extra food or consider carrying a firearm as self-defense. Not only is this good news but this push towards self-reliance and independence is peek into how the human is supposed to live. We are supposed to WORK to eat and to WORK to live.

Humans need worthwhile endeavors and challenges that test our physical and mental limits. We are also inherently risk-taking creatures. These things culminate to create a life worth living. WE GOT IT TOO EASY!

The convenience has made us weak and its all built on a foundation that is cracked and crumbling. At night we lay in bed with our faces illuminated, looking for the answers to life. We ask our handheld GOD who and what we should be. The world gets softer and softer and lures us deeper into this 10,000 thread prison.

Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass

T.S Elliot – The Hollow Men

The Prepper’s Awakening

A true awakening happens with all prepper’s. Now I dont care if you dont call yourself a prepper or dont like the world prepper. If you are preparing for disasters and pushing towards a more self-reliant lifestyle, you’re a prepper.

I laugh at how many people and companies stand against the word prepper or have stood against the word prepper but embrace it when it stands to get them more clicks or sells more gadgets.

When you have your prepper awakening its basically a big panic as you watch all the woes of the world spin and dance in your hand. Many times you make bad decisions and buy or focus on things that are not exactly what you need. I call these “panic purchases” and I certainly have my own list of these!

Many people have come before you and me. We now have the ability to explore this prepping thing and figure out how to get on the fast track and start prepping faster.

Prepping Faster by Changing your Lifestyle

Maybe the single biggest move you can make is to look at your current lifestyle and begin carving away. Though you probably feel locked in or even imprisoned in the life you lead, you have choices. What are the things you spend your life on right now? What do you do when you wake up?

A prepper’s lifestyle is one that involves being informed, being in shape and being in touch with the natural world.

This can get as deep as what you wear each day! What you carry and or your EDC.

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This is my personal EDC bag. It has not been my first and it won’t be my last. However, as tactical looking as it is, this bag has changed my LIFESTYLE by allowing me to carry preparedness wherever I go.

Of course, lifestyle changes are about much more than gear. The quickest way to modify your lifestyle is to look at how you spend your free time. What do you do on the weekends? Do you spend 8 hours watching football on a Sunday? Maybe its time to start fishing, hiking, hunting and getting in touch with the natural world.

What about volunteering at your local fire department or rescue squad. These things will help make you a better prepper and give you the tools you need to survive.

Lifestyle is about the decisions you make each day and how they take you closer to self-reliance and independence.

Full Scope Food Sources

Some people focus on emergency meals and others get into building a prepper pantry. These are great options for any preparedness plan. If your goal is to start prepping faster you need to dominate your food needs in the short and long term.

You can do that by exploring the full scope of food availability.

Food is available to us in more ways than just the grocery store. For some food sources, you are going to need to contact zoning and animal control. You could have a coop of chickens in your backyard that produces eggs for you on a daily basis!

When I first got chickens, my city animal control had to come out and inspect the coop. It was at that moment that they told me I could have a goat wihtout a permit or anything! Of course, that got my mind rolling. There is likely some goat milk and maybe even cheese in our future.

Fruits and Nuts 

Fruit and nut trees are other great examples of what you should consider as food sources from your backyard. Now is a great time to start planting them. Fruits and nuts are great for short term fresh food sources and long term food storage.

Native Plants 

I dont see many people focusing on native plants. That has a lot to do with the fact that many preppers say, “You cannot feed your family by foraging alone.” Which is mostly true! However, how many people are feeding their families on any one thing alone? You cannot feed your family on hunting alone, gardening alone and why would you?

Native plants want to be in your yard already! They dont need soil PH modifications, they dont need special fertilizers. You can simply weed out competitive plants and watch your native food producers take over.

Long Term Dry Food Storage

Along with growing food, native foods, chickens, goats, and a stocked pantry, you should have some legitimate long term dry food storage. Nothing helps me sleep better than having some serious food storage like buckets of rice, beans, pasta, oatmeal, lentils and foods that fill your belly!

These can be assembled at home or purchased already put together. Read my full breakdown of emergency food for diasters.

We also have a step by step process for bucketing up food at home on our Patreon Page.

Prepping Fast with Energy Independence

It’s easy to fall into the all or nothing mindset.

“I want something that will power my whole house off-grid or off-grid ain’t an option!”

The fast track to disaster preparedness is a matter of chipping away at bigger problems. More than anything it’s about taking that risk and that first step. There are systems out there that can be installed by professionals and are very affordable or you can invest in a solar generator that will act as supplementary power.

Every little solar charger, wood stove, or solar water heater that you add to your home will lessen your dependence n the grid and that will lessen the effects of a true grid down situation.

Prepping with the Power of Numbers

I dont care what you have going on you are going to need people. The more people you have the better. You dont need a group of preppers or believers or like-minded individuals.

In times of calamity, the majority will focus on survival. That is where a prepper like you can capitalize. We all need to be better neighbors and we need to practice being nice and investing time in our neighborhoods.

If you can keep people safe with some form of security at the neighborhood level and keep them from starving you won’t have enemies at home.

Security takes numbers because you need people on watch 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. However, that commitment is a great deterrent for those people outside who would wish to do you and yours harm.

Many hands make for light work. It’s real!


If you can start hitting these four buckets on a regular basis you are going to be prepping faster than the average person. Its not about avoiding doomsday or storing away all the supplies for yourself, prepping is really about living a better life that puts you in touch with the things your mind and body truly desire.

There is a reason so many of us stumble irritably around this planet with our phone in hand looking for our next hit of pleasure. We cannot get true satisfaction because we have detached from nature, from people, from God and from any hope of true fulfillment. You can get it all back through living a lifestyle of self-reliance and independence.


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