November 30, 2022


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Preppers reply to post “The Lazy American on Unemployment Myth”

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Following is one reply from North Idaho Patriot to original post by Wyodutch on American Preppers Network.

The real problem is “Under Employment”. Anyone can get a job if they look hard enough and are resourceful, and are willing to even take jobs that they wouldn’t want to do, even if it’s for dirt pay.

The problem is, the cost of living is so high that it’s virtually impossible to make ends meet with most jobs. I’ve been in every state in this country except Hawaii and Alaska, and there is no doubt in my mind that the most liberal states are the toughest to live in. They have the highest cost of living…California, Oregon, Massachussetts, Connecticut, New York etc… along with the most restrictions, regulations, permits, fees, “safety” codes, and don’t forget the exorbitantly high taxes. There is no way you can make a living on minimum wage in any of those states.

By contrast, most of the more conservative states (especially the ones without state income tax) you can actually live on minimum wage and own a home. You don’t have near the regulations, fees, “safety” codes, or high taxes. Example: Texas you can own a home for $45,000, Tennessee: $30,000. Wyoming, $50,000, and while some areas of Idaho are somewhat cost prohibitive, others are quite affordable, but the beauty of it is, most areas in Idaho have very few and/or very lenient building codes which means you can live off grid and build a one room cabin with an outhouse on a small piece of property for under $30,000 and no State code enforcer will come force you to tear it down. Try that in any part of Liberal Blue State America. I’ve compared most of the states….state to state. There is no way that anyone will ever convince me that having the government get the hell out of the way would not improve our economy and cost of living.

You want to reduce Unemployment, Underemployment, increase personal wealth and reduce the cost of living? Get the government off our backs and we can have that.

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