December 8, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Preppers as Future Leaders

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Everyone loves a good underdog story. It’s one of those quintessentially American tales where the hero starts out lost, mocked and failing only to hit the bottom and rise up like a phoenix. I often wonder if this has to do with immigration. Every race that came here was picked on and taken advantage of before integrating into society and rising to the top.

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Adversity always creates the most breathtaking examples of humanity.

The story of the prepper is moving in this direction, as we speak.

“The Doomsday Prepper was entertainment,” Ryan Buford of The Next Generation mentioned on a recent podcast.

He was right on the money. Dane D mentioned something very similar. Nat Geo did serious damage to preppers and the disaster preparedness movement in this nation. Set us WAYYYY Back!

However, the world is struggling and the people are taking notes. Whether its the climate and natural disasters or the nations at each other’s throats people are watching it happen and getting worried.

Behind a thin veil lurks bigger problems that are being exposed slowly. Our major banks are taking on tremendous debt at the tune of billions a month! We have already surpassed the debt carried by these banks in 2008.

The effects of flooding and frost on our crops is wreaking havoc on crop yields for the year and that is yet to be felt by the public.

Prepper’s as Leaders in the Near Future

The general public is going to be forced to make some changes in the near future. Convenience is hard to give up and that is why we struggle so much in our time. However, when things like money, ruin and even death step into the fray people tend to make changes. How we power our homes, interact with technology, respond to disasters, feed ourselves and do business are all changing.

They are not getting ready to change but they are in the process of changing.

As preppers we have been on this train for a long time. We have long seen these changes on the horizon and many of us have taken steps to avoid the fallout.

Urban and Suburban Homesteading

People are going to start producing more of their own food. Technology like aquaponics and loosening laws so people can own reasonable livestock is chancing everything about how urban and suburban dwellers are addressing food.

In my little suburban lot, I have several garden beds, chickens, peach trees, raspberry bushes and wild pawpaw and hazelnut that are all sources of food for my family.

You can do all sorts of things outback of your home with high yield vegetables and compost. Chickens change everything and a good coop goes a long way!

Disaster Preparedness

FEMA has been very clear, they cannot help everyone. So what does it mean when your government tells you they cannot help you in diaster. Well, it becomes your responsibility.

Here at the Prepper Broadcasting Network, we are shining the light on organizations that are doing the groundwork to raise money and help people in need. This is the future of disaster response and it’s going to take preppers and people who understand the landscape of threats to be ready to act when the time comes.

Business Continuity

There is a market out there that is just drooling for people who are preparedness-minded. Companies need to spend more time on business continuity and how they are going to operate after a massive attack happens on our internet, financial system or power grid.

The businesses will pay out the nose for some guidance on a legitimate business consultation.

Prepper’s in the Future

Will the world heal itself? Will the weather even out? WIll food production magically increase to meet the growing demand? Will the world find peace for the first time?

We are headed towards an uncertain future. People like you and I have been preparing for this for a long time. Its time we take the reigns and lead those who have not. There is power in leadership and one goal should be to prep from a position of power!


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