July 4, 2022


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Prepper tips on repackaging and storing food!

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If you are packaging for really long term storage, it is advisable to use mylar bags. You can order from Amazon, ebay and any no. of sites. Just google for 5 gallon mylar bags. For long term storage of grains: wheat berries, flour, corn, oatmeal, rice, etc. you should use a mylar bag, the appropriate size oxygen absorber (easiest to order same time as mylar bags) and then seal in a 5 gallon bucket.

I just insert the mylar bag into the clean and dry FOOD GRADE 5 gallon bucket, pour about half way full with whatever I’m storing, put in the oxygen absorber and fill the rest of way. I usually leave a few inches “head room” at the top. Then I squeeze the bag, (to eliminate most air) and seal the top of the mylar bag with my iron. Then I tuck the bag down into the bucket and attach the bucket lid, by attach I mean you have to push it down until it pops on with a secure fit.

Make sure you use a food grade bucket/pail, not a paint 5 gallon bucket, etc. as they may have dyes or have had chemicals in them. Then label the bucket with the contents/date of storage. I have read about people who use dry ice instead of oxygen absorbers, but I’ve never been able to really understand that system. It’s also smart to order a pail lid remover, these are available all places that sell buckets usually, are usually under $5.00 and make taking the top off much easier!

I also store my unused oxygen absorbers in canning jars, I only open jar, take out absorber(s) and close lid quickly, I’ve never not gotten the good pop pretty quickly. Good luck, always remember that there are never dumb questions, ever!

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Do NOT put O2s in with sugar. Most O2s create their own moisture to activate and this is not good for the sugar. At the most, I put a desiccant pack in my sugar to keep it dry. I pack salt the same way, by itself, or with a desiccant pack. I like to put salt and sugar in the sterile / dry 2 liter soda bottles.

Freeze your flour (and other grain items) for 48 – 36 hours before packing. I don’t mean to gross you out, but this will kill any insect larvae hitching a ride. After the freeze, I’ve been able to vacuum seal a 5 lb. bag of flour in a larger Food Saver bag with the O2 for good measure.

Suggestions – consider learning to work with wheat berries, grinding them into your own flour. The flour you buy in the store has almost zero nutrients remaining, especially if it’s bleached. Wheat berries store longer and are MUCH more nutritious.

Hope my advice has been helpful. :thumbup:

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