Prepper Survivalist or Prepvivalist

I am a Prepper!, although when you get down to brass tacks the name goes very much hand in hand with Survivalist with little difference between the two. So what is the difference? I think for most Preppers it is the stigma that has been attached to the name Survivalist. For many, the term survivalist conjures up visions of anyone who can sustain themselves when thrown into a hostile situation, like Rambo, usually equipped with only knife and gun fighting bad guys. When hearing the term Prepper, most do not know what to think. This, to me, is unfair to both Survivalists and Preppers.

Whenever I hear the term Survivalist, It is easy for me to envision an average every day American. However, this person has the knowledge and developed skills to overcome most hostile situations that he or she may encounter, natural or man made. A survivalist will have trained physically and mentally to live off the land, being very resourceful and independent without having a cache of food or medical supplies. The average Survivalist will also be very weapons savvy and own several.

Preppers for the most part will have many of the same skills and assets as the Survivalist but may not be as sharply honed in some areas like, living off the land, the physical fitness aspect, or building a shelter in a sand dune. Instead a Prepper will divert much of this energy towards stocking up in advance with the essentials to sustain themselves or having a predetermined bug out location.

Obviously I am speaking in general terms as I know there are Preppers with very much the same skills as some Survivalist. I also know there are many Survivalists that prepare in advance much like a Prepper. This of course is all my own thoughts in the rambling I’m doing here but for sure and for certain, if SHTF I hope that my next door neighbor is a Prepper, Survivalist or a Prepvivalist. Any one of the three is 100% about self reliance and Independence.


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