Nuclear and Man-Made: The E.M.P. Threat

Nuclear and Man-Made: The E.M.P. Threat
Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow”

7-14-16 EMP cover-with-no-lights-smallOn this episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program,  Author Bobby Akart, and the threats our nation faces from an EMP:  Electromagnetic Pulse. Bobby’s poignant analysis of the EMP threat has achieved #1 Bestseller rankings on Amazon including the all-important Disaster Relief, Arms Control, War & Peace, and Terrorism categories.

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EMP: A threat from above to America’s soft underbelly below. The clock is ticking.

Nuclear and Man-Made: The E.M.P. ThreatIn poll after poll, one of the threats facing our nation that concerns preppers the most is the use of an electromagnetic pulse weapon to cause a grid down scenario. There are many bad actors on the international stage capable of terrorism on a massive scale. The list is long, including Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria and now even terrorist groups like ISIS. Each is capable of wreaking havoc in the US by shutting down our power grid and enjoying the resulting chaos.

Bobby will discuss the differences between a nuclear, High-Altitude EMP and a natural created electromagnetic pulse created by solar activity. Also, he will introduce many listeners to Radio Frequency Weapons, or RF Weapons. How can these devices threaten our power grid and financial markets?

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In the second half hour, the focus will be on the aftermath of a catastrophic EMP event. Bobby will compare this collapse event to others like Pandemic, Cyber Attack, and Natural Disasters. How would an electromagnetic pulse affect our nation’s critical infrastructure? Many preppers are unaware that our nation’s power grid is divided into regions. It is possible that an EMP could collapse one part of the nation’s grid, but spare Texas due to its independent grid.

Further, Bobby will provide specific examples of the sun causing blackouts in North America. How strong were the solar storms that created these blackouts and what would happen if a solar event of the size and scope of the 1859 Carrington Event were to happen today?

Many people have asked — what effect does an EMP have on people? Bobby will clear up the misconceptions that many have on this subject. An electromagnetic pulse and associated radiation may impact your health in more ways than one. As preppers we know, with every major collapse event, there is the inevitable societal collapse. Recent events around the country point to that eventuality following an EMP.

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