April 22, 2021


Self reliance and independence

My Son, American Preppers Network!

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There are many fathers out there that could not feel better about the job they did in raising there children. I’m sure there are a few like myself that look back and wish they would have done things a little different. I have carried some guilt with me over the years for feeling that I wasn’t there as I should have been. About a year and a half ago it was my son that got me involved with him and what he did. “Prepping” As I got involved I became amazed at what he was doing and had been doing for several years. The American Preppers Network “yep, his baby” and 8000 members strong now. It may seem silly to those reading this but I about cried my eyes out when I seen this news video. My son is the truck driver in this video and the founder of American Preppers Network. He is a self made man and I am damm proud of him.

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