May 16, 2021


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Measuring Preparedness Improvements

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Measuring Preparedness Improvements

What becomes of all this prepping? What of all this planning and consideration for the rainy days ahead? As we look forward to 2019 one of the most important questions to ask yourself is:

What have I improved this year?

That can be a tough question to answer in terms of preparedness. Sure, you bought some things and you probably learned some things but what gaps did you fill? How are you more prepared then you were when you started 2018?

This measured look at our preparedness undertakings in 2018 is going to be the theme all month long. We are going to explore the many aspects of measuring your base level of preparedness and building upon it. There are a whole host of things that you can do to be more prepared and to reach those prepping goals. Of course, that’s assuming you have a set of prepping goals.

As we maneuver through the coming weeks you will come to understand how to truly quantify where you stand from a preparedness standpoint. You will also be very capable of developing a set of clear and measurable goals for the year 2019.

When it comes to something as serious as disasters preparedness we have to improving or else we are just playing around. This is little more than a game. America has lived through enough natural disasters lately. Its time we start looking at prepping as an integral part of everyone’s live and not a post apocalyptic video game.

We will also be giving away copies of my latest book The Christmas Hook to anyone who is calls in to discuss their prepping failures, successes or methods of measuring such. We are more powerful as a community so get involved this month and give us your experience. Take advantage of the live show experience.

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