November 27, 2022


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Is Prepping Dead?

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Something is happening. All over the nation, online and off, people are asking the same question:Is prepping dead?

The Great Fall of Prepping

Have we witnessed “peak prepping” in this nation? The Swedes are gung ho and their government is supporting efforts for their people to get prepared for disaster. Its a very admirable undertaking and, to be honest, I am insanely jealous!

Here is in the states, it’s a lot different. From prepper expos to prepping websites traffic is DOWN. Sales are down and people in this community are starting to wonder if peak prepping has come to an end. Now, it wouldn’t make sense but it certainly makes you wonder, ‘is prepping dead?’ Of course, that would defy all the laws of common sense.

I mean, we had a 6.5 magnitude earthquake near LA on July 4th. That was followed by a 7.1 the following day. If you were some sort of otherworldly being or creator and you were unable to communicate through language, how would you warn the people on the blue planet of impending disaster? Well, you might show them lots of little disasters, ONE AFTER ANOTHER, as a means of pushing them towards the double doors of preparedness.

You might show them things like volcanoes, earthquakes, massive tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and wildfires. You might even turn the notch up on severity, just to make a point.

You might even make some silly blogger write a blog post on the subject: IS PREPPING DEAD.

With all this going on, and more, prepping is still experiencing a serious downfall but why?

Is Trump to Blame?

When I talk to colleagues in the prepping world the resounding conclusion is that the election of Donald Trump brought on this downfall. The conservative, Christian, pro 2A crowd was so satisfied with their president that they stopped prepping altogether! Thus, the death of prepping?

In passing conversation this made sense to me. After talking to potential sponsors or fellow podcasters in the space, it was clear that this answer was echoing around the prepping world. After a few months of wonder: Is Prepping Dead? – it was good to have some sort of conclusion. Even if that conclusion was as shallow as Donald Trump killed off the preppers.

Running a prepper business of my own meant I had to focus on numbers and promo and things like that. Maybe it wasn’t valuable to spend my time thinking about the cause any further. Perhaps blaming Trump was the way to go and it was easy. Everyone else was doing it!

What About Those Russian Bots

Of course, there is a little bit of conspiracy layered into every prepper. That’s just part of the prepper makeup. Part of me just wasn’t happy with the idea that everyone was ok with TRUMP being their disaster preparedness plan. I knew a few things about safety and emergency response that I could compare to this prepping decline, from my time as a safety manager.

  • Safety and Emergency Response must be consistently reinforced. It’s a created culture that thrives when its a high priority.
  • The general public does not prioritize these things.
  • Primetime “prepper” television helped reinforce that culture for a while.
  • The prepper base was terrified of Barrack Obama and that acted the same way an accident in a workplace acts.
  • Without consistent training and an environment that prioritizes safety/ER Planning, no President could ever make us a more prepared nation.

At this point, I removed Trump from the equation altogether.

A brilliant guy once told me that the most important question to ask is, “What would I never do?”

If the collective thought was that Trump had killed prepping by being elected, well, it wouldn’t make sense to look at the situation without Trump. That’s exactly what I did. I started thinking about things that were going on around the 2016 election. I started thinking of Russian bots.


During the election, there were voices tearing through the culture and echoing from the highest mountains about, “Russian bots,:” “Troll farms” and of course  “Russian collusion.”

Into the battle rushed the valiant tech kings. They rattled their sabers and proclaimed, “we are ready for war against these Russain bots!” Their weapon of choice would be the algorithm. Oh yeah, that thing that controls the internet but you have no idea how!

Of course, their war was not as transparent as they assured us. We forgot that kings and their knights are just people. Biased people.

The Vicious Algorithm

It didn’t take long for the algorithm to get completely out of control, well, it was designed to get control. The tech kings used a feint to attack the patriotic base of this nation.

A feint is a deceptive or fake blow or attack.

While they were crafting their “Russian bot Algorithm” they were actually crafting a weapon to wipe conservative, patriotic, 2A, Pro-gun and Christian voices from platforms like twitter, facebook, youtube and to crush them on the main street of google.

One of the video clips shows an undercover Project Veritas journalist talking to Pranay Singh, a direct messaging engineer at Twitter. In the clip, Singh explains how shadow banning works and also says the majority of users targeted by algorithms he uses are fans of President Donald Trump.

“Yeah you look for Trump, or America, and you have like five thousand keywords to describe a redneck. Then you look and parse all the messages, all the pictures, and then you look for stuff that matches that stuff,” Singh said of the algorithm.

The tech kings have shown their hand and its an ugly one!

Facebook Eliminates 93% of Traffic to Top Conservative Sites — Stocks Plunge 24%

You have to understand the connections between this censored conservative crowd and the prepping movement. While all preppers are not conservatives, it’s that base that keeps the neon sign of prepping on and in the public eye. These massive alternative media outlets advertise things like My Patriot Supply and interview preppers and survivalists.

These products and people just won’t show up in the kings’ approved media sources on a regular basis. Thus the culture is not influenced.

So, Is Prepping Dead?

The answer is prepping has been shrouded. Its hidden under the rubble of war. Not traditional war but online war that threatens our first and second amendment rights. The tech kings are no different than kings of old. You cannot speak the way you like or live the way you like if you choose to do business in their court.

If you use these social networks it doesnt mean you are a bad person but you have to understand, you are under their control.

Prepping is one of many anciallry niches or markets that are suffering from this despotic sweeping censorship. This moving of mainstreet, right out from under honest businesses, should be illegal as its wrecking peoples lives and mutating the precious progressive religion of EQUALITY. Who knows what other markets are suffering from this banning and censorship. It cannot just be prepping.

The Final Word

As preppers, we ride the coattails of these more popular niches like conservatives and pro gun communities. The fall in prepper traffic is directly attributed to the assault on these media outlets and demographics.Is prepping dead? Not even close!

Unfortunately, the idea that Donald Trump has us all under his spell by selling war planes to Saudi Arabia, is just not the case. The world is changing and our traditional systems are in peril. There has never been a better time to start prepping.

Prepper influencers are just losing the footing beneath them. We cannot get our message/products through the tyrannical tensile grip that these new kings have on the internet. It’s a sad time.

Fight back and come find us over at Patreon. Patreon, for now, has not been a censorship monster and your dollars go right to the organization you want to support. There are also a number of other great creators on Patreon

The favored users of these platforms bray about things like climate change, “WE HAVE 12 YEARS TO LIVE!” The world is changing but the people with answers for how to deal with it have been inadvertantnly blacklisted, slilenced, by the same fools who have decided they can make the world a better place with their algorithm.

Dont give up! Your message is critical at this time.

I firmly believe that the prepper community will teach the public to survive what is coming, even if they scoff at us. 

8 thoughts on “Is Prepping Dead?

  1. serious preppers that follow the international intel circuit are fully aware what the election of Donald Trump has done >>> first time in decades the enemies of the US and the Western World are being confronted – no more $$$ of BILLIONS to terrorist countries ….

    with this NECESSARY confrontation comes the very real possibility of having to use the Big Stick vs the Red Crayon of threat …

    prepping is hardly dead – the more informed know better ….

  2. Great Read! While the anti Preppers would like you to think Prepping is dead…Preppers are far from it.
    Yes most of us feel really comfortable under the Trump administration, however, we know what the next election could bring. Remember, some food stashes can last up to 30 years. Right now we only rotate our year to year grow and stow preps. I say this is a great read because it keeps everyone reminded of the fact of how we could loose everything with the stroke of a pen on a piece of paper! (you do remember don’t you) God Bless…

  3. Largely B.S. … The president (Trump, Reagan) or lack thereof (jimmy carter, chairman maobama) plays little to not at all with regards to my working towards being prepared. I have insurance.. I keep tools, gear and supplies handy..It’s just a human thing to do…Even animals prepare. Ants and squirrels store food as long as it is available in preparation for times when it is not.
    Foolish people will always be the grasshopper, but that does not mean there aren’t those of us who identify with the ant..

    1. Understood, vocal patriot. it’s always deeper. Prepping is a serious journey and we rarely get sidetracked by something like a presidential election.

  4. I’m going to sound cold-hearted; but, as far as I’m concerned I could care less if prepping as a trend is dead. I never began nor continued prepping for anyone besides myself and those I care for. In many senses I’ve always prepped. I cannot recall a time I did not as an adult keep a supply of food, water, first aid, firepower and more in or at my home. Probably one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received was from my 2nd son when he took up his first duty station after leaving basic. He remarked how one morning he woke to needing the john. Discovering midway that he was without toilet paper he found himself reduced to using coffee filters to accomplish the task. He said to me on leave, “Dad, it was at that moment I realized I’d never once been without tp… or soap or so many other things… that I’d just taken for granted that there was always a spare roll under the sink in the cabinet next to the pot.”. He finally got it.

  5. Doing the same over on my sites, and channels, thumbs-up.

    I feel that Prepping has become bastardized with a lot of silly nonsense, and bravado, but there are many folks that still need to learn the basics.

    Like you, I think as a marketer of information there is value in free Social media, YouTube offers great hosting for high definition videos. I still use FB as a catchall, but don’t/won’t pay them for Advertising ever again. As far as SEO our Key Words have to change, Homesteading as opposed to Prepping, same with Off-Grid Living instead of BOL and Retreat.

    We just need to rethink our use of these free tools, and how they work for us, and that means changing our vocabulary.

    I just Subscribed to your YT Channel and will be sharing your videos on prepperguy dot com, hope that helps in some some way.

    1. Thanks so much for the support and understanding. I will check you out.

      We are prepared to go down with the Prepper Ship! Hahaha. I have one other name for the network that has been a long time in the making but right now I am really digging the challenge of taking the prepper name and creating a legacy that outweighs the stupid tv show. Dont be a stranger Mark. We would love to have you on the show some time.

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