May 19, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Preppers prepare for the day your money buys you nothing

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A reply by APN member Tom Bergstrand to a post on Americanpreppersnetwork

I am a weekend prospector as are many of my friends. Problem with selling gold (not so much silver) is that it has to go through too many hands to get to the top. Gold at $1600? NO WAY!!! You go to sell and the guy gives you $700 … Kiss Him. I tell all my friends to amass as much gold as they can, go partners if you can and get enough to move up the chain. With enough gold you can get $1,000. BIG difference. Now I tell them to buy long term food, heirloom seeds, guns,ammo and tools that they will need to survive. I have almost 3,000 square feet for growing and plan on about another 120 in cold frames to grow early. I have some big windows ready to put in my 10X10 shed for starting plants. Think about it. You have food AND the ability to grow a helluva lot more. Downside…. you EAT!. Upside….. you EAT!!! Now think about meat. Rabbits sound good ???? You can raise them easily AND the manure is ready to use in the garden.

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