How do Preppers get good information?

Did you know the finest internet prepper radio hosts on the web can be found right here?  You may think these hosts have been doing this all their lives. They haven’t.  Do they have degrees in broadcasting? Are they making large sums of money?  The answer is a simple no. You may be wondering now, how can this be? What makes them the best?  It would be much easier to understand if you knew them as I do. To put it as simply as I can it is there love and devotion to prepping, being prepared, being aware and sharing with others.

If you have listened to any of the host on their broadcast then you probably share in many of the same concerns that they do, like, where is our country heading? What will happen in an economic collapse? How do I take care of my family in a crisis such as a flood, drought, fire, tornado or an extended power outage?  The list of unforeseen emergencies is as long as the list on how to be prepared for them in advance and why we air seven days a week.

The hours these hosts spend sitting behind a computer sifting through and researching, news articles, stories, and information is done for no pay. The time and effort in perusing, locating and having quality, informative guests to share with you is also donated. All of these hosts are relentless in providing the best possible show they can in order to help you, the listener, be better prepared and more aware. This is what makes them the best. The goal of the hosts and this network in bringing you all this is simply to share with you self-reliance and independence.

In listening to a one hour broadcast you will have taken in a minimum of three or four hours’ worth of research and study they have done to bring you that show. The shows and their hosts are not only informative but entertaining as well. Give your support for those shows you like by sending a note thru e-mail, contact page, or by just saying hi in the chat room. The hosts will appreciate you for it and you will have my gratitude as well.

Thanks, Gman

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