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Original Post “Meet Me Here” courtesy of Prepper Central

With all the chatter lately about EMP (electromagnetic pulse), it makes one think there is something in the air. So this got me wondering if our readers have a plan for this scenario. Do you? We know if there was ever an actual EMP strike that electronic communications are finished. I know some folks have electronics which are protected for this scenario, but we will not know if these will survive until the event actually happens.

If you are like me; you have family spread throughout the country. This makes life not only difficult during the holidays but also a nightmare if an EMP event were to occur. So with no electronic communications available; how will you get in touch with your family? It is unlikely that you will. You should plan for this scenario long before it is too late. My first suggestion would be to pick a location to meet with family members. Try to find an area which is not only familiar to you and your loved ones, but also a location which you can find through multiple routes if necessary. This is ideal but not always possible.

The most difficult part of this plan is coordination if large distances are involved. Other considerations should include the time it will take for you and your family to get to this location, and how safe the rally point is during an “event”. We need to keep this realistic as your mode of transportation might not always be motorized. If you have to walk, it could not just take you hours but days. This is why you need to pick a location that you can reach.

Now one idea would be to have multiple rally points for a couple of reasons. If one of the points is not safe, then your loved ones will have an alternate area to meet you at. Another would be if for some reason (health issues, injury, etc.), your family will need to choose the closest rally point to home. The more details in your plan, the less chance of confusion. Keep in mind, if this is due to an EMP, you most likely will not have any means of communication. Performing a dry run of this would be the best idea. Plans always look nice on paper, but doing it will help all involved to become familiar with the area you have chosen. Until next time, stay safe out there.


Original Post “Meet Me Here” courtesy of Prepper Central

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