Go it solo when SHTF or in a group?

I live in the mountains far enough away from any real population that I feel more comfortable going it solo. There are some skills that I will wish I had when shtf but until I learn those I do have the ones that will keep me alive.

If I lived in a more populated area you can bet your last dollar I would be part of a group. Security being for-most of importance. Having all the skills within a group including candle maker, tin smith, electrician, mechanic etc. as listed in another post I read would make for a  perfect group but lets face reality, this ain’t gonna happen, ‘less you have a small town in place. If you already have your small town formed with each member having his or her own skills, you my friend have your shtf perfect world.

Do you already have your group? Doe’s everyone have there own skill they are responsible for within that group? Have you got Joe the doctor, Lisa the candle maker, Bob the gunsmith, Gary the butcher and twenty or thirty other professions? Cool. O.K. Lets say s. just hit the fan and your little group has been functioning just fine for several months when Joe the Doctor has a heart attack, and Lisa accidentally backs a tractor over Bob the gunsmith. A week later Jim the farmer drowns while taking a swim.

My point is, while having a group would be the best way to go in any kind of populated area, do not practice relying on those in your group. Each and every person within that group should still be practicing there own self reliance and independence learning each and every skill they possibly can for themselves. Bad luck could leave you with only a candle maker, plumber, chemist, glass maker, and a tinsmith. It would be wise, if not made mandatory, that any profession within the group be taught to another.

While a dirty word for many another necessity that better be in place for this group, no matter the size is It’s government. A way to maintain continuity and order. Internal problems within a group are inevitable, this is human nature, and there will have to be a means to settle differences. The larger the group, the larger the need.


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