May 7, 2021


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Go Bags and Prepping your Family!

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I ran across this this question, deserving of thought I decided to post it here. The original question posed by volt on American Preppers Network…

Do you have one Go Bag for your family or do do you have multiple go bags for each member? What essentials do you have packed? And is there anything special you pack?

In reply realtree says…I thought this was a great question. For my family I actually have different bags packed and prepped. I have one designated towards food, a medium size bag for medical and one that is centered around gear and equipment that I am primarily responsible for. My kiddos are rather young so the option is there for my kids to pack their own small bags with things that are meaningful to them. The important aspects of warmth, food, medical supplies, even shelter are solely addressed by me. My kids bag would give them the chance to choose some small items that matter to them purely as motivation, comfort, etc.
My basics are food, clothing, shelter and medical preps. My only advice to offer you is that no one truly knows the ins and outs of your family better than you. You do what you have to because you care for your family end of story. I am an AD Soldier and am physically able to ruck with 80lbs of gear indefinitely and function at a different level than most civilians, (not all, but most). The answer for me is not the same as it may be for you or any other number of folks out there. Understand the logistical footprint that you are capable of sustaining both vehicle mounted and on foot and go from there. Base your choices in gear upon the interconnected relationships and how one piece of gear can serve multiple purposes or compliment another piece of kit. Also understand the goal is to sustain your family and maybe some extended family that tag along or randomly fall into your good graces.
I tend to swim against the current when it comes to helping family and neighbors because if you are able to turn folks away or turn your back then why in the world are you prepping or planning in the first place. A great life is one earned, shared and enjoyed with good family and friends. Certainly not alone with a dog hunkered down in the basement all ME, My and I. Too many folks get callous in how they claim that they would turn folks away when the reality is that there is strength in numbers IMHO!!
Best of luck dude.

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