November 27, 2022


Self reliance and independence

George Washington, Slavery and The American Revolution

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What is the toughest thing you’ve ever done?

What is the greatest enemy you’ve faced?

I often wonder if the modern American can ever understand or comprehend a person like George Washington. Can they even understand the hardship of the American Revolution.

To understand the Revolution you would have to understand walking through the eastern woodlands in summer, with chiggers eating you alive, with no shoes on, no food in your belly and knowing that over the next ridge might be certain death.

To understand the Revolution you would have to understand gangrene, absorbing a volley of musket balls and taking one great leap of faith over a pit of jagged and rusted spikes.

That is only a starting point if you ever want to understand George Washington. Truly, consider your greatest challenge. Then compare that to standing up to the most powerful army on the planet. Consider the fact that you would be hanged, drawn and quartered if you were to fail against this monolithic army.

Do you know what it means to be hanged, drawn and quartered? Its a type of execution that inovles you being drawn by a horse to the place of execution, then they would string you up and cut you into pieces. Finally, after immense suffering, they would cut off your head.

George Washington had this on his back from the time he took the role of General in the Continental Army.

Along with his struggles to keep from getting killed on the battlefield or shipped to Britain and tortured, he had to also consider his actions in the face of this new cause. The colonies were uniting but it didn’t all happen at once. Some signed up in the beginning while others laid in wait. They weren’t prepared to have red coats burning down their established towns.

George Washington the Slave Owner

The world would be a much better place if we sought to repair our own soul with the vigor we use to condemn those long dead. Washington was a slave owner and a believer in the concept that all men were created equal. To many, this just doesn’t make any sense.

Since our children aren’t taught history they have this mountain of understanding to climb before they can even begin to understand life in 1776. Without that understanding everyone looks like a slave owning hypocrite.

I never mean, unless some particular circumstances should compel it, to possess another slave by purchase, it being among my first wishes to see some plan adopted, by which slavery in this country may be abolished by law.

Even at the height of the war there was still no guarantee that these new United States would even last! People treated their colony as their nation. So many were opposed to the idea of being tethered to the actions of those hundreds of miles away in another colony.

One of the greatest hurtles to creating this union was slavery. Of course, George Washington went on to free all his slaves, not sure how many people know that. I am also not sure if it matters to the youth anymore. So many of this recent “resistance” is content with looking upon themselves as the angels and victims that they are blind to these important details.

The south was built on an agricultural economy made up of things like tobacco, cotton, indigo and rice. These massive farms were operated using slaves. The economy of the south would have crumbled with the end of slavery. So, naturally, the southern states would have never joined the United States if the initial plan was to wreck their economy and make them assume a national debt on top of that!

Now, those who refuse to see the full picture will say, “how terrible that slaves were used to grow and pick your food!” OUTRAGE, CANCEL, OUTRAGE…

Consider how your food is picked today. If not for those who sneak over the border to pick the lettuce we would likely have struggles in modern agriculture. What are an invisible people who work under the table and have no lawful protections but modern day slaves.

Don’t tell the vegans they are subsisting on a diet plucked by modern slaves!

He lined up young men to die in fields so that a flanking force could win the battle. He had to shoot deserters in order to keep the fight for man’s freedom alive. George Washington had to live with the fact that he knew slavery was wrong but understood there could be no United States without the south and there could be no south in the 1700’s without the slave labor.

George Washington believed every word of the Deceleration. He was a living example of the principles of the The United States of America. There was no perfect decision for him to make. He didn’t live that kind of life.

Don’t let these bullies, children and their Marxist leadership try to tell you any different. If they measured their integrity against a man like Washington they would never take those masks off!

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