Former President Washington not believing his eyes!

From a safe distance in Canada former President George Washington watches what is happening to the United States.

“I thought I had my head in the clouds” he says to himself as he watches in disbelief at what he himself and many other patriots fought and died for.

I asked President Washington what he thought about the progress the United States has made in the past 300 plus years. He looked down at me with a rain drop in his eye and said “Progress, Let me tell you something. From the late 1700’s to the late 1800’s Thomas Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Hamilton, a few others and I would get together once or twice a week, toss back a good brandy, and play rummy. While playing cards we would talk at length of the progress the American people were making. I made a comment on one of these nights as to how proud I was at what we had accomplished. It was Madison who spoke up and said; George it really was not us but rather the true American patriots that listened to us. All we did was showed them that they had the right to be free, to think for themselves, to reap the rewards of their hard work. They should be able to hold their head high, and be proud to be an American. In doing this George, we made a leader out of each and every one of them. This is what has made America so great. Madison was right.

It wasn’t long after that America began to change, Washington said. A lot of it is the fault of the American people in letting it happen. It comes down to power and with power comes greed. A tricky thing power is he said. Seductive and consuming, power is like a drug. We have elections in order to put into office the stronger men, the men that can not only make wise decisions but can also resist the drug, the temptations that comes with that power. One reason we set term limits is that even the strongest can eventually be taken in by that power. Those that cannot resist become corrupt. Those that are corrupt will usually be hard to spot as they will hide, conceal, or mask there true agendas, often times with promises that cannot be kept. They will prey on the week, those that have not with handouts wanting nothing in return but there loyalty while raping those that have to pay for those handouts.

He went on to say; As Americans many of the week are becoming use to these handouts, believing now that as Americans they are entitled to them without having to work for it. A lot of Americans that are of wealth have become accustom to the riches they own. Many of them have forgotten what others have sacrificed in order for them to have that wealth and many are blinded not seeing an out of control government now taking it away from them.

When we started the government the premise was solely to legislate, administrate, and arbitrate. It was up to the people of America to be its leaders. I am sorry to say that what I see before me was once a country of leaders and is now becoming a country of followers with a bloated corrupt government leading them. It is not too late to eradicate the disease I see before me. There are those out there that are doing so now. They are called patriots and as patriots they have within them the perseverance and fortitude to teach those that have forgotten, show those that cannot see and bring together all Americans to get back what is being taken away from them.  There rights, liberties, freedom, and wealth.

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