East Coast Preppers, Prepare!

East coast Preppers be prepared for what may lie ahead.  An on-going red alert is still in place for areas around the Canary Islands for the probable eruption of a volcano. The El Hierro volcano, an underwater volcano located near the town of El Hierro has been steadily increasing in activity for the past couple of months.  Large Jacuzzis have been forming off the coast caused by escaping material and gasses.

While far away it is said that underwater landslides, earthquakes which are increasing in number and magnitude, or even a full blown eruption can create a large tsunami. Depending on the size of the event it is possible that this tsunami could reach the eastern seaboard in as little as 6 hours. Hardly enough notice will be given for the millions of people that may be affected.

Why haven’t we heard much about this in the U.S.? One reason could be the fragility of our economy.  News of this nature would have a definite impact on our already struggling economy. To keep up with the events of this volcano you can go to this web site Hereor just Google El Hierro volcano.

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