December 4, 2022


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Dealing with Drought!

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Dealing with Drought
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Dealing with DroughtOn this episode of Reality Check, we are discussing drought. We will be discussing some tips on how to conserving water, what plants and crops can tolerate long periods of dryness, and how to use smart watering in order to keep things green.

First is to conserve water. This is a good habit to develop now rather than later when it’s needed. Besides being eco conscious, your water and sewage bills can be reduced.

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If you are being smart about using water then you are not wasting as much and you might save a little money. We’ll go over a few ideas to help reduce and conserve water. Most of these you have heard of, but it always bears repeating.

Second is to build rain catchment system. Not only is it a way to capture any rain that does fall, but its free water that does not show up on your water bill. However, if you remember from my harvesting rainwater episode it is not straightforward. We’ll go over some ideas of how to water using your rain catch.

Third is to use Smart Irrigation. Agricultural and hydrological drought can both be minimized by smart irrigation. These are irrigation systems that are automated or at least have some computers and software that monitor the weather and landscape conditions to help them determine when to water the landscape and for how long.

Fourth is weeding, pruning, and mulching. I most often use a mulching mower, but recently began bagging my grass to use mulch on my potted plants. My container plants have to have more water than normal. Reason I figure is the sun is heating the entire container and evaporates more water. So I started bagging my grass to put around the plants.

Fifth is Planning. Plan to make your landscape more resilient to drought conditions.

Curious to hear more? We’ve got a whole lot more to talk about. Join me in player above as we talk about dealing with drought.

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