November 27, 2022


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Coronavirus Economic Impact & US Infections

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Last night something very special happened here at The Prepper Broadcasting Network. We had a four host symposium on the coronavirus economic impact and us infections. We went through a number of news stories and experiences to convey just what the landscape is here in the US and around the world. Things are changing fast and its important that you take precautions both economically and with your own health and immunity.

Listen to “CoronaCast: Pandemic Economy and US Infections” on Spreaker.

Coronavirus Economic Impacts

Disappearing Billions from Chinese Students

Chinese students make up over 30% of the foreign student pool in both the USA and in Australia. This is a massive portion of the student body in each nation. These students spend billions of dollars on and off University grounds. In our current situation that number gets radically skewed and massive considerations need to be made in both nations.

Auto Manufacturing

Auto Manufacturers all over the world are feeling the pressure from Chinese warehouses being shutdown. We all shuttered when we watch car makers start to close their doors in China. It was in that moment we realized that this things was going to do a lot more than just give us pneumonia.

The Economic Collapse Blog is reporting on Nissan, Hyundai and Fiat all facing serious parts shortages. The pressure is even starting to be felt here in the states.

Shuffling of Suppliers

While we cannot be sure, we have to assume that there will be a shuffling of suppliers as some businesses are not going to rely on China for products anymore. While they are the cheapest game in town, there is something to be said about having to shut your doors. Doing cheap business is no level of insurance against doing no business.

This virus will have serious implications for China as the leader in cheap manufacturing and even innovation in that same vein.

Coronavirus US Infections


I was truly stirred by the quotes made by Robert Redfield. Our CDC Director made this quote in his talk with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

“This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission.”


We also have a new concern to keep us up at night. Because our bodies are so unfamiliar with this disease we can actually be infected multiple times. The second infection has show to incite a cytokine blast. This immune response is what Dave Jones the NBC Guy thinks is killing younger people. He even suspected, on the show, that it was what killed the young doctor in China, one of the viruses early victims.

Questioning the Numbers


It was all fun and games to point fingers at the Chinese government as they, obviously, under reported the numbers. Now we are a month and a half into this thing and the US is boasting only 15 confirmed cases. 2 of those cases are in Los Angeles, California. This highly contagious disease has been confrmed in 2 people in a city of 20 million and we are supposed to believe that only 2 in that city are infected. 

What’s Next?

The ability to spread this disease without showing symptoms, the sheer volume of travel still being conducted and the inability to instill any kind of quarrantine here in the US will undoubtedly lead to more cases.

What are the effects of a workforce that is 60% depleted?

What are your triggers to bug in and are your prepared to stay put with food water and other prep?

Will the economy fall into global recession.

What’s next is a serious test. Its a test of our global economy, our medical and scientific acumen and, above all, a test for this generation of Americans. Those prepared will fair much better than those left only to react.


2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Economic Impact & US Infections

  1. This thing called coronavirus was grown in a lab and intentionally let loose on the public to help usher in Bernie’s free medical and medicine for all. You just can’t make these play by play game plans up out of thin air. It just had to be in an election year didn’t it!

    1. Wow, you do realize that every other year is an election year, right? Sure, presidential elections are every 4, but congress critters have to run again every 2 years. Although since this started in 2019, technically it didn’t start in an election year….but why let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory?

      And I’m impressed that you seem aware of facts that nobody else has released. Quick, message the white house so they can charge Bernie with colluding with the Chinese to release a disease that could kill a significant fraction of the human race – all in the name of getting elected. For those of you without a sense of humor, that was sarcasm.

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