January 29, 2022


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Beware Preppers! Government infringement, raising the children!

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Teresa75x75      I don’t believe that arms control is going to resolve the problems that we face as a Nation. The slow and steady deterioration of the family unit, which in turn has cause and effect on the health of a community and ultimately the Nation is the root of the problem. Is mental illness new? No. Is it more wide spread? YES! As with any other “mechanism” the human body also responds according to what it is “fed”. Our food on whole these days is tainted, our air is tainted, and our entertainment is tainted.

Is it any wonder that the majority of the offenders are young? They have been desensitized, and poisoned, physically, psychologically, as well as emotionally. Can you imagine what it feels like to be in the mind of a child these days? There is also good chance that the child is from a broken family and only being raised by one natural parent.

Machines have taken over the “work of the field” so there isn’t much in the way of lessons in responsibility for children these days. Unless you live a very rural lifestyle and have the means to raise animals and be out of the mainstream of your peers, you are inundated with modern technology. Our children aren’t taught respect, endurance, etiquette, or work ethic on the scale our generation was.

smart phone178x100Everything now is based on instant gratification. Society began to strip the rights of the parents in regards to teaching these things to our children years ago. We don’t send our children to school to learn to read, write and learn arithmetic anymore, instead they learn how to push buttons on computers and calculators to do it all for them. Now they will no longer be taught cursive writing either, God forbid they should be able to read and understand the Bill of Rights for themselves!

Common sense has frayed to the point of near extinction. To calculate all the factors in this equation would take a much longer article, however, it’s all connected and has a trickle-down effect. It starts with the strength and integrity of the family unit, when that is compromised by politics (war), social impacts, lack of economic security, and the constant undermining of a man’s ability to provide for and protect, not only himself but his family, the outcome is children who have no hope for their own future, and no self-esteem to figure out a way around that grim feeling. We have generations of welfare families, as the children have learned in the way they were raised.

ChildrenPlaying Government has FAR too much control in our lives. They dictate what we eat and how much (pyramid plan) who graduates or passes to the next level weather they have met the mark or not (no child left behind) and have even attempted bills in connection with whether or not our children can even pack a brown bag lunch to school. They decide what the curriculum is in our schools, (creation or Darwinism), tell us that the pledge of allegiance is mandatory but have taken prayer out. Freedom of Religion Day? Please…. And yet, when that youth is in trouble for one reason or another, WHO do they look to blame? The parent.

children workingMy siblings and I were raised in a very strict setting, not only at home but school too. If you got in trouble at school you took your “licks” with lowered head and prayed that the teacher didn’t call your folks where you’d receive much the same or worse. The teachers didn’t fear reproach and lawsuits from the parents as it was understood that bad behavior was unacceptable, no matter the setting. It didn’t kill any of us. We all packed pocket knives nearly everywhere we went, they were a tool, and in high school a good percentage of the pick-ups had rifle racks with firearms in them. Our parents taught us the importance and dangers of the tools they gave us to work with and how to respect those tools.  We did not have video games with guns. Toy cap guns and water pistols were outside fun. We had imaginations to keep us occupied when there weren’t chores to be done. The words “I’m bored”, weren’t uttered, as that was the signal to your folks that you needed more chores. Busy children; ate what was provided, wore what was provided, was thankful for both and stayed out of trouble. Bored children created trouble.

Both parents are generally working, some two jobs, to keep up with the state of inflation and by the time they get back home, barely have the energy to get through homework that they don’t understand with their kids and get the evening meal dealt with. I don’t recall all the homework when I was a child that kids have now days, school work was for getting done AT school, and homework was what you did when you got home by way of chores. There is no time left for teaching them some of the older ways of doing things. Then the kids are left largely in front of the tube to be educated by Hollywood and the media, now without analog; media of our Governments choosing. Some children now are living longer with their parents than ever before, because they don’t know what to do.

Is it any wonder that our children suffer from things like childhood depression and ADD/ADHD? Most people can’t afford the rising costs of the “medications” for these disorders, so they go untreated. The flip side is that you have children diagnosed and treated that aren’t really suffering from the conditions, they are simply bored and restless and the teacher is seeking relief from a bottle, as they fear repercussions from the parents for attempting any form of discipline. It’s a catch 22.

Then you have to wonder why the antibiotics that used to work don’t anymore. Is it because our commercially grown food is already so pumped full of it along with growth hormones, and maybe because our produce has little to no nutritional value but plenty of GMO (omg!!) properties.  Can we really discount the negative impacts that these practices are having on our children’s health and development? We are already developed; they are in the foundation stages. The trickle down continues…..

When are we going to stand up as a Nation and say ENOUGH!? Stop tainting the food; if it is going to continue we want it LABLED as such. Stop polluting our air and land with chemical spraying, ultimately affecting our water sheds and supplies along with the ability to raise our own produce in an organic manner. Stop shutting down our forests, forcing the closure of our mills; throwing us into a state of welfare over a few animals that aren’t even indigenous to our areas. Stop teaching our children that the ONLY way is the way of modern technology and society. Are the home economics classes the next to get the hatchet in our schools? I for one am so glad my children are grown and out of the public school system, my heart goes out to all the parents that still have children attending these institutions.

In his speech the other day the President made special mention of the states that have come to know or lead a “traditional” way of life by means of firearms and how these states may take some special persuasion to get on board with his way of thinking. I can’t personally think of any school shootings that have taken place in the states I’m sure he is referring to. I did note that Idaho wasn’t yet on the list of states that are considering up holding State law as opposed to Federal law however. My point being, know the facts: County and State hold jurisdiction of such laws over their residents, NOT the federal government. Your county sheriff does NOT have to abide by an executive decision at federal level. Which isn’t to say he/she can’t be bought…with YOUR TAX DOLLARS! Think about it. He so much as said, he’d give money for extra law enforcement “create more jobs” if you will, in exchange for abiding by his executive orders.

My ear is “to the ground”, and I hear allot of the talk about “Martial Law”. Martial Law was/is a tool for LOCAL governments to enact, as was/is the militias, to HELP local law enforcements. Branches of Militias, Army Reserve, National Guard or state defense forces are made up of civilians. The entire able-bodied population of a community, town, county or state, available to be called to arms, to help back the local law enforcement in protecting and or aiding them during times of emergency and civil unrest. However if you do any reading you can see that there have been times when papers were pushed and these entities took on different rolls. Either way, it’s important to take a look at what actions your local governments and law enforcement agencies are doing, not saying, doing, remember, actions speak louder than words.

But allowing teachers to carry firearms when we don’t even allow them to reprimand the children? How about the teacher that is involved in a lawsuit against the school where she taught because she has a phobia of children now? Are we going to give her a gun too? Have you all lost your minds? I certainly pray that when my grandchild gets to schooling age, her mother sees fit to school her at home…where she will have to memorize her multiplication, learn to read roman numerals, and not only spell correctly but write and read cursive, all the time having the freedom to be thankful to her Creator for those opportunities!  United WE STAND, Divided WE FALL, this is a lesson that needs to begin at HOME. Wake up America….how much longer are we going to allow such atrocious encroachments upon our rights? Until we have none left? BE proactive, BE a voice, BE aware or be INSLAVED. The choice is yours, it’s your GOD GIVEN RIGHT….OWN it, or quit sniveling about the outcome you took no part in preventing. Remember…WE THE PEOPLE, have rights that were set in motion to protect us.

Author: Teresa

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