November 30, 2022


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Battlefield America 14 The rules of the game part 7!

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Battlefield America 14 The rules of the game part 7
Allen Getz “Behind The Headlines” Audio player below!

Battlefield America 14 The rules of the game part 7For this week’s broadcast of Behind the Lines, the probe of the premier activist ‘how-to’ book enters the next phase. While previous episodes discuss attributes and skills, this episode explores introducing the activist to the situation. Successfully entering into an environment to enable change requires specific actions on the part of the ‘organizer’. We highlight and scrutinize these first steps because they determine the success or failure of the enterprise.

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Chapter 7 of ‘Rules for Radicals’ unveils Mr. Alinsky’s ideas toward introducing the activist to the situation. This chapter, entitled ‘In the Beginning’, sets forth specific actions the ‘organizer’ must perform at the outset. These specific procedures cement the power base, establish the purpose, and create the reputation of the ‘organizer’. Mr. Alinsky explains his viewpoints regarding how to influence and manipulate individuals to benefit the activist and the agenda. Throughout the chapter, he employs various illustrations to substantiate his claims.

Throughout the chapter, we investigate and closely examine these ‘illustrations’. In actuality, these examples demonstrates flagrant dishonesty toward (and deceitful manipulation of) impressionable individuals. Highlighting these instances unveil specific character traits and expose questionable practices. Also, we answer questions and gain knowledge regarding the conduct of specific organizations and their leaders. Finally, we obtain practical guidance that inform and protect us from deceptive and unscrupulous influences.

Please join us for this week’s episode of Behind the Headlines – where the true story is behind the headlines.

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Allen Getz ” Behind The Headlines ” Audio player below!
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