A “Reality Check” for preppers and survivalists alike!

What would you do if SHTF? Probably one of the most common questions you will find on any Prepper, Survival related web site or forum you may visit. Most, in earnest don’t really know what would happen to them, or what they would do. Many Prepper, Survivalists say “BUG OUT” . It’s easy to talk the walk but can you walk the talk. Unless you are already living the Jeremiah Johnson life style, odds are, you really have not a clue. I know there are exceptions. For those that are not exceptions and those that will have to stay put here is a little food for thought.


Video provided by GoatHollow. Visit GoatHollow at http://www.youtube.com/user/GoatHollow

GoatHollow also airs live broadcasts on the Prepper Broadcasting Network


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