May 19, 2022


Self reliance and independence

A Preppers letter to Santa

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Dear Santa

I have been pretty good this year, in addition to the garden, paying down of debt and stocking up we’ve done I have cleaned my own guns several times and have not manipulated hubby into doing so and would like to submit a few requests early. If you could find it within your power I would like our property moved about 5 miles off of the HWY and set back into the trees. I would also like to have some more time in the day – a good 3 hours AFTER I get off work would be acceptable, I could put in an extra 2 at home before bed each day and get an extra hour of sleep for the remaining hour. Could I also ask for a raise at work if that is not too much? It wears on one’s nerves to always be just short of being able to make some real progress in your preps – and at the same time being so close to to having use them. I am not asking for much just a little would be fine.

And Santa if it is doable at all, I would like a Colt 1911 for Christmas please…
As usual you will find an assortment of fine homemade Christmas cookies by our tree along with some milk and some snacks for the reindeer, enjoy, travel safe, and have a Merry Christmas yourself!

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