A New Blog Page at Prepper Broadcasting Network!

I am happy to see you have found the new blog page. You may be wondering, why the change in the web site? Why move the listen and chat page to the front and make a new Prepper blog page?

The answer is really quite simple. Because our main goal is to broadcast prepping and other information live seven days a week, having the listen and chat page be the first thing newbies or anyone else to our site see just made sense.

While the blog page is important to us in trying to bring you informative articles and other information important to Preppers it had also caused the need to duplicate much of our broadcast show information for those visiting our site for the first time. Again with listen and chat being the front page duplication on the blog is no longer required.

Hopefully this will also allow me more time to write and find more articles of interest to post on the this blog page.  Other adjustments will be made in the future as time permits. As always, I look forward to any comments or suggestions that you feel would improve that which we try to provide, self-reliance and independence.

For the time being the listen and chat tab will remain for those that are used to using it.

Thanks, Gman


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